Dentistry personal Statement

Strong academic results, work experience in various dental practices and a passion for dentistry are all qualities I have, which make me an ideal candidate to pursue a career in dentistry. From a young age, personal dental treatment experiences have triggered an understanding and appreciation of how dentists can make significant differences to people’s lives.

I have undertaken six months work experience in a variety of dental practices, to learn as much about the profession before embarking on a career in dentistry. Working within an NHS practice, private practice and orthodontist, I have gained a vast amount of insight in to the workings of professional dentistry

Being a part of these busy practices has highlighted that team work is an essential skill needed to become a successful dentist. Effective communication among dental nurses and receptionists is vital for an efficiently run practice, which is evident in NHS dentists who are required to meet UDA standards. I have recently completed a teamwork and leadership building course. As a member and leader of Scouts, I have completed Chief Scouts Gold which requires excellent time management, organisation and teamwork skills. I am responsible for demonstrating and coaching younger scouts in new activities, where I feel a sense of achievement for passing on knowledge and skills.

The day-to-day activities range from regular check-ups to root canal treatments reflecting the level of dexterity required by a dentist. I enjoy working with my hands, and have a keen interest in a variety of arts and crafts, which require a high level of precision and attention to detail. I am aware that regular mobility of the hands strengthens the persons control over movements, which is necessary for a career in dentistry.

There is a huge amount of responsibility placed upon dentists, as dentists can be fully accountable for patient problems. I understand that every patient is to be treated as an individual, by understanding their conditions thoroughly and conscientiously. Volunteering for Oxfam, I gained the respect from management for being reliable, trustworthy and committed to my role, and was given responsibility to run the charity store on various occasions. Initiative, leadership and communication were essential skills for handling staff and customer enquiries.

I am aware that dentists have to love working with people and have the patience and perseverance of dealing with a variety of people. Patients may present emotional and physical complications in which a dentist must adapt, support and provide the right treatment. Work and life experience has shown that I have high levels of empathy and compassion toward a diverse range of people.

I believe through voluntary and work experience, I have gained the insight and skills to embark on a career in dentistry. Working with a vast array of people every day, from calm to nervous patients, designing and discussing treatment plans, analysing X-Rays to conducting surgical procedures, are all elements which I am confident I will excel at.

In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy playing and coaching football. I have gained a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, which involved volunteering for my local community centre to help coach youths in their football skills. I also play for an U17 Football Team, which requires stamina, communication and ability to cope under pressure.

I believe that dentistry is a dynamic and innovative profession to be in, where decisions are made on sound ethical, moral and scientific principles. I believe this degree course will empower me to become an active and forward thinking dentist, who exercises initiative and personal responsibility. Discipline, diligence and conscientiousness are qualities which I have to achieve great success as a healthcare professional, where I will have the ability to contribute to the local community’s lives.

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