Dentistry Personal Statement

Sample Dentistry Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy has developed out of several years’ experience of working as a dental nurse in support of professional dental technicians and a growing interest in the science involved in dentistry. I am very much aware of the importance of the hygienist’s role in maintaining the patient’s dental health, and indeed ultimately helping to secure general health through careful attention to oral conditions. My work as a nurse has made me realise the importance of a full understanding of the physiology of the mouth and gums and of the whole body. I have been struck by how common periodontal diseases are in patients who come for dental treatment and have an immense faith in the value of preventive care and patient education. The hygienist’s job is largely to prevent disease through advice, therapy and treatment, and is one of the professional health roles which seems to offer the possibility of the most immediate sense of achievement, since patients’ wellbeing can be dramatically improved through the hygienist’s actions. Advice on diet, smoking and a routine of oral hygiene can improve people’s dental condition immeasurably. I am also interested in the various procedures carried out by hygienists and therapists, such as restoring teeth, extracting children’s teeth, pulp therapy, fitting crowns, radiography and scaling and polishing. I believe that my experience of the dental world and my dedication to the service are a good basis for my further study leading to a career as a fully qualified professional.

I have worked for an agency as a dental nurse, travelling to many practices where I supported dentists in all aspects of dental care, including providing instruments during procedures, mixing materials and ensuring patient comfort. I would take notes from the dentist’s dictation for the records and maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of the surgery. I sometimes held the position of head nurse on the site, overseeing the work of others, and I taught four-handed dentistry to some nurses, improving treatment and time management. During this time I had much first-hand experience of the work of dental hygienists. In 2009 I gave birth to my son and then returned to college to gain more qualifications in preparation for applying for a degree in the subject, including a pre-access course to nursing and human sciences. The return to study has been rewarding and enjoyable. As a mother of a young child I have developed great organisational ability, and I also share my knowledge with other mothers at toddler groups who sometimes find it difficult to maintain their children’s oral health.

I am a mature student and my career ambition is the result of much thought and a clear understanding of what the job entails. During my GCSE year I suffered a stroke and so have a very acute sense of what it is to be a patient and how important patient support is in contributing to the success of any therapy. I am also quite determined not to let my disability deter me from becoming a health professional. After graduating I should like to work as a volunteer helping underprivileged children and families to have better oral hygiene, and then go on to spend the rest of my career in a top-quality dental practice.

I attend the British Association of Dental Nurses conference annually and am always keen to keep abreast of new developments in my field. My enjoyment of pottery and painting has given me good manual dexterity, a useful asset for a hygienist, and I very much enjoy museum visits. I am hard-working, meticulous about detail, and perhaps something of a perfectionist. I lead well, but also enjoy being part of a professional team. I am eager to use my abilities to help people and have some skill in putting anxious patients at ease. My commitment to my chosen path is total and I believe I have the experience, maturity and determination to become a very successful student.

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