Counselling Personal Statement

Sample Counselling Personal Statement

Having always pursued study and work that allows me to make an impact on the lives of the vulnerable through a range of therapeutic approaches, Occupational Therapy Counselling is an obvious field through which I can continue to develop these skills and passions. What excites me most about the potential of Counselling & Occupational Therapy is the focus on the promotion of health and wellbeing rather than on mediating the negative effects of health-related problems. Learning more about this inspiring approach to changing the lives of clients through studying a postgraduate diploma at a prestigious university will allow me to achieve my ultimate goal of making a similar impact in my own career.

I have always been interested in the ways in which different therapies can be applied within different situations. After completing my high school studies in my native Croatia, achieving strong grades throughout, I pursued this interest through the study of Psychology at Thames Valley University. I found that I particularly enjoyed modules related to the practical application of psychological therapy within the field of healthcare, such as Health Psychology and Counselling Psychology. This ultimately led to me undertaking an MSc in Health Psychology, where I studied elements of healthcare promotion and communication, alongside the design and execution of healthcare research. Study in these areas has not only offered an excellent foundation of broader psychological knowledge but has also introduced me to principles which are fundamental to Occupational Therapy, including experience of communicating with clients to assess and respond to their individual needs.

I have gained experience of enacting these principles within the workplace through my work with the East London NHS trust. Starting out as a Social Therapist and now working as an Assistant Practitioner, I have been responsible for co-designing and implementing care plans for adults with a range of mental health difficulties. This includes using strong communication skills to talk to clients and colleagues about the best way to proceed in the case of each individual service user. We offer a range of solutions, based on the needs of our clients, which may include physical and psychological therapies, supervised activities and employment advice. I also work alongside nursing staff, psychologists and Occupational Therapists to improve their in-patient experience through facilitating therapeutic groups; including anxiety/anger management, problem solving, health promotion, relaxation and other ward based activities. I have found that the most rewarding element of the job, as you might expect, is the promotion of recovery and he focus on social inclusion. The ultimate goal of all therapies must surely be to allow the patient to live the fullest life possible, and it is the constant, dedicated work towards this goal that I have observed Occupational Therapists pursuing that inspires me to join their ranks.

In my spare time away from work, I have been keen to continue my studies for some years. To this end, I have gained a greater idea of current developments within the field of Occupation Therapy by reading books and journals dedicated to the subject. Combining this theoretical knowledge with my practical, professional relationship with the discipline, forged through my job, I believe I have gained a good idea of the challenges and rewards that the field offers and my suitability to pursue it.

Having worked hard to gain the knowledge and skill necessary to play a proactive and essential role in the lives of those in need, I am keen to continue improving on my ability to make an impact by completing a postgraduate diploma and, ultimately, registering with the Health Professional’s Council and applying for membership of the British Association of Occupational Therapists.

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