Construction Personal Statement

Sample Construction Personal Statement

Since commencing further education my aspirations have been to gain employment in the construction industry. I am particularly interested in the role of a Quantity Surveyor as it is a vital role within the industry and I would like to have the opportunity to study this role and have this responsibility in the future.

I am currently studying The Extended Diploma in Business Level 3 Course at North Hertfordshire College and due to complete this by June 2012. Within the first year I have achieved four distinctions and four merits and still to complete five units. I feel I am working hard both by myself and with my tutors and consider myself to be committed to the course therefore giving me the opportunity to achieve my full potential.

I have attended several university open days and have decided to study the BSc Honours degree in Construction and Quantity Surveying and because of this process I have had the opportunity to speak to many lectures. We have discussed the pros. and cons. of the degree and the industry but I still feel this would be my chosen choice. I have recently had an interview with a large construction company to consider whether a placement within my degree course would be advantageous. My aim is to pass the honours degree course which hopefully would give me the opportunity to diversify into other management career paths.

I would like the opportunity to study at Westminster University as I feel the record of excellence would provide me with the best opportunities. After my recent visit, discovering the work ethic and enthusiasm of the university this is exactly the environment that I am looking for and will encourage me to bring out my full potential.

I feel I am a dedicated, focused and committed person not only to my studies but to my other interests. I am most passionate about golf and have recently been approached to consider being junior captain at a prestigious golf club next year. I feel that the passion and dedication I give to the game reflects my abilities as a reliable hardworking trustworthy person and will embrace the role of leadership towards the success for the team.

I am currently employed by Sainsbury’s and have just completed my first year with the company. I work part-time and am a fully trained Customer Service Assistant. I also help support my colleagues in various areas within the store and I feel this has further helped me develop my confidence and communication skills within the job role.

We hope this sample Construction personal statement is helpful.