Computer Sciences Personal Statement

My ambition to study computer sciences at Manchester is inspired by two particular considerations, the prestigious nature of the university and the content and organisation of the computer studies degree course. Manchester University is clearly one of the leading institutions in the country, with an outstanding research record. Its facilities and academic opportunities are immensely diverse and varied so that most students’ intellectual interests can be satisfied. The international appeal of the University is also very attractive, offering as it does the chance to meet with and exchange ideas with people from many different cultures and backgrounds. Furthermore, the international reputation and standing of the University mean that a Manchester degree in computer science is certain to be in high demand with employers.

The nature of the degree course supports this view. The emphasis at all stages on the career significance of the course, and the clear focusing on the mastering of practical skills and applications, is exactly what I am seeking. The Manchester emphasis on study through the engagement with real problems seems ideally suited to my own intellectual and personal approach. The course appears to allow the student to pursue his or her own academic curiosity and to encourage independent discovery and learning. The importance of teamwork on projects is also attractive and stimulating. The Department has been involved in the research and development of IT for many years and is an immeasurably valuable source of knowledge and experience in the science.

The metropolitan nature of the city itself is also important. The city, like the university, is at the heart of the intellectual and professional life of the country, and there could hardly be a more exciting place to study. I look forward with great enthusiasm to becoming a part of this great institution.

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