Computer Science Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science Personal Statement

My ambition to study for a degree in Information and Communication Technology has developed out of long experience in the workplace in posts which have called for good IT skills as well as the mental initiative to use them to achieve a range of objectives. Much of my work has been administrative, involving record keeping, data entry and analysis, presentations and financial IT, and I now feel that I should like to extend my knowledge of the subject to an advanced level and so be able to unlock even more of the potential advantages in the use of computer technologies in every area of life. My principal ambition is to be able to teach the subject, perhaps in a secondary school, or possibly to adults; some of my posts have given me the opportunity to train fellow staff in IT skills and practices, and it is a role I particularly enjoy and which I believe I have a real aptitude for.

I already have good experience of such applications as FrontPage, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. I am eager to develop my understanding of programme languages, hardware architecture, network design and software engineering and so take my knowledge and technical ability to a higher level. I know too that IT skills are in great demand with employers of all kinds and that much of the training is in areas where the expertise is transferable. Again, my work experience has prepared me well for this aspect of the course, as I have learnt much about the value of teamwork, the importance of clear communication, the management of time and the qualities of the good leader. Above all I am excited by this world of rapid technological change and the possibilities it offers of improving human life. I love to help others, and the opportunities for beneficial creativity through ICT hold out the prospect for me of achieving both personal and professional fulfilment.

My working career has been principally in housing management, both in local government and in independent agencies. These positions have involved considerable responsibility and called for mature judgement. In Southwark Council, for example, as a housing officer, I processed housing applications and transfer forms, set up repair orders, dealt with void properties, and responded to the needs of tenants. Later at Hyde Housing I was responsible for the repair scheme, with a very clear reference to the legal requirements of landlords and tenants. In my most recent post, at Focus Housing Consultancy, which trains people in the health and social care industry, my role is to assess learners and work with them to achieve their aims. All of these posts have helped me to understand others’ needs, as well as to work in a team effectively and to apply the administrative IT skills I already have in the efficient running of my department.

I particularly enjoy explaining things to others and guiding them, and feel that I have a natural ability as a teacher, which has helped me to be an effective IT trainer of my colleagues in my working life. I love teaching my own children and their friends, and I take part in teaching at my local church, where I also lead a choir of 95 singers. I lead a busy life, enjoying sports such as rugby, squash, golf and weight-training, and I also play the piano, write music and poetry and like to travel.

I am approaching this course as a mature student with much experience of the world, an adult sense of responsibility and a strong awareness of my own abilities. I am self-motivated, resilient, energetic and hard-working. I work well with others, but I am also full of initiative in making decisions. I respond well to deadlines, enjoy learning new skills and have a facility with complex technical issues. My experience of the workplace is extensive and very relevant to my ambitions. My commitment to my plans is total and I believe that I have all the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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