Computer Science and Mathmatics Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science and Mathmatics Personal Statement

The decision to embark on a joint Mathematics and Computer Science degree was an easy process for me. It goes without saying that the two subjects interest me greatly but it is really the possibility to fuse these two disciplines together which really excites me. Both subjects appeal to my personal strengths in that they are highly analytical and offer unequivocal answers to questions. However, much of this problem-solving requires a particular kind of creative outlook which I find simultaneously challenging and rewarding

Having practiced and enjoyed Mathematics since primary school age and having always been interested in technology and computer games, my resolve to study both disciplines was cemented after attending courses at Stanford University, USA in the Summer of 2009 and The University of California, San Diego in Summer 2010. These courses were related to film-making and the use of professional editing software such as Apple’s Final Cut Studio. I really enjoyed using Computer Science and Maths in such a creative way. Using shadow detailing, perspective management, rendering using algorithms and computational geometry I was able to practically apply my theoretical understandings.

As part of the UCSD course I worked with the California Highway Patrol to make a documentary about roadside deaths amongst officers. I have also since worked with a film company to help film a school concert and assisted with the editing for my sister’s music video.

Besides my passion for Mathematics and Computer Science, I have completed a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art course with Merit (Silver Award) and try to keep up with my learning of the Spanish language and Spanish culture. I have also taken responsibility as ‘Dorm Boss’ which involves mentoring and guiding younger students at school. This has been deeply rewarding as a way to help other students and it has also focused my leadership and organisational skills. I am a member of The Maths Society at school and also the Film-making club and am a fan of science-fiction and action films as they best illustrate the mathematical and computer science facets in film processes.

I am also very interested in the on-going development of computer technologies and the interface with everyday life through social networking applications. During a visit to New York, I was invited to visit the head office of “foursquare”, a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smartphone app or text, users share their location with friends while collecting points and virtual badges. Ideally, after graduating I would like to be involved with such a business, possibly linked to the film/entertainment industry. Eventually I would love to be the Managing Director of my own online business start-up.

Having been diagnosed with a non-specified Learning Difficulty, it has made me all the more determined to work hard to prove myself and realise my goals. I have taken my passion for the empirical and analytical and found ways to use it creatively whilst building on my innate organisational skills and inquisitive nature. I am absolutely certain of my desire to study Mathematics and Computer Science to the highest level and hope that my dream will be realised once you have seen the evidence of my commitment and passion for these two fascinating subjects.

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