Computer Science Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science Personal Statement

With each year that passes, I discover new aspects of information technology that further cement my passion for computing. In some cases, this takes the form of acquiring new, fundamental skills, spurred on by my unquenchable enthusiasm to continually expand my computing expertise. Recently, for example, I have been making great progress in creating programs using Java, using the book Head First Java as my guide. The successful completion of a project inspires me to move on to learning more complex coding and additional programming languages. At other times, what captures my imagination is the almost limitless possibilities that are offered by new technological advances. A particular source of fascination for me at present is the potential applications of advances in cloud computing. The possibilities of this field are clear to see in developments such as the OnLive cloud gaming platform, which allows users to play the most advanced video games on devices with relatively low technical specifications. I am eager to be at the forefront of exciting developments such as these.

There are countless theoretical and practical aspects of computing that I am looking forward to studying at university, but amongst those which interest me most is software engineering. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning programming languages in my own time, and it is an area that appeals to my love of problem-solving. Because computers are such an essential element of so many walks of life, I feel it is essential that prospective software engineers gain a first-hand experience of the way computers are used in industry, and for this reason I am particularly enthusiastic about the possibility of following a course that includes an industrial placement.

I feel my motivation and commitment to computer sciences is demonstrated by the fact that I have taken the difficult path of sitting my A Levels as a private candidate, whilst also working on a full-time basis. I have enjoyed the challenge of balancing the demands of studying A Levels with full-time work, and I believe that mixing study with employment has greatly strengthened my personal qualities. I currently work as a Sales Assistant at WHSmith. Working in a fast-paced retail environment, I am required at all times to be able to work effectively under pressure, whether in the form of efficiently carrying out transactions, responding to customer queries or helping my team to achieve our sales targets. I enjoy working as part of a team, and the post has also helped me to improve my communication skills. Working to support myself at the same time as preparing myself for a university education to help fulfil my career goals has also given me a much more profound appreciation of the benefits of education and the doors that it can open. In its own way the position has also helped to strengthen my understanding of computer science, in the respect that I have developed an appreciation of precisely how critical a role software systems play in the day-to-day operations of a large company.

In my spare time and outside of the world of computing, my primary passion is football. My love of the game extends beyond simply playing the sport to coaching and managing others. In the past I have occupied the role of player-manager for my team, and have loved virtually all aspects of the management side, from selecting players and formulating a strategy to planning training and making practical preparations for game days. I find this side of the game appeals to my analytical side and the enjoyment I derive from leading others.

I have a clearly defined vision for my professional future, at the heart of which lies computing. After gaining a degree in the field I will endeavour to gain as much practical experience as possible in the software development sector, with the ultimate goal of enjoying a career as a software engineer in which I am at the vanguard of developing exciting and potentially world-changing new applications.

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