Computer Science Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science Personal Statement

Computing requires a combination of methodical problem solving and creativity. As computers become ever more integrated into all aspects of our lives, it is easy for people to become frustrated when things don’t go right. Computers only do what programmers tell them, however, meaning that the more you understand about the processes behind these problems the more you are able to find their logical solution, or even find imaginative ways in which these processes can be refined. Having dedicated much of my studies and free time to gaining expertise in the field, acquiring further knowledge, through undergraduate study and potential work experience, will allow me to apply this logical and yet creative mindset within my future career.

I am currently working towards a Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma in ICT, covering a wide range of areas within the discipline. These include; multimedia, graphics, information systems, web technologies, e-commerce and networking. As each of these areas are interconnected I have found that the breadth of the course has allowed me to improve in all aspects of ICT simultaneously, applying lessons learnt within one unit to related problems encountered in another. The course also builds on the knowledge I gained through a GCSE in the subject, for which I gained an A.

I have also worked hard to steadily improve my transferable language and communication skills as my studies have progressed and, while I have not always been able to achieve as high grades in language-related subjects, such as English, as I have been able to achieve in scientifically inclined subjects, such as ICT and Mathematics, I have supplemented these abilities over time. I am now as likely to score high grades in units which require these skills as I am in more technical aspects of the subject.

I have also enhanced language, communication and teamwork skills through work experience, undertaking two weeks at the Central Enfield Learning Centre formatting and fixing computers. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of problem solving within a workplace environment and utilising my skills within short deadlines, aspects of building a career within ICT which greatly appeal.

My fascination with all aspects of computing also shapes much of my spare time. I have been building computers from a young age and I enjoy finding ways to push the equipment to its limits. I also enjoy reading around the subject, keeping up with developments in the field and reading books, such as The Hacker’s Underground Handbook, to gain an insight into the potential security issues which may beset both personal and corporate system users.

Outside of my interest in computing, I am a keen sportsman and play Sunday League football every week. This has proven a valuable arena for gaining motivational, teamwork and communication skills as well as requiring dedication and commitment. I also enjoy playing a positive role in my local community and can often be found volunteering my free time with the Enfield Association of Voluntary Youth Clubs, when my weekend employment as an off-licence cashier allows.

As you can see from the way in which my overarching interest in computing and ICT is balanced with my other interests and commitments, I have proven myself to be a dedicated and hardworking addition to any field I choose to enter. Balancing my employment and educational commitments will stand me in particularly good stead for gaining further practical experience as I study, allowing me to leave university well-prepared to fulfil my ultimate ambition of implementing my skills within a major global business, or perhaps even starting my own company.

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