Computer Science Personal Statement 3

Sample Computer Science Personal Statement.

“Mathematics is the poetry of logical ideas.” -Einstein

I have always been fascinated by Maths; its application affects all areas of our lives, and its constant developments have brought innovation to societies around the world, and provided links between seemingly diverse fields, such as Programming and Music, which are underpinned by both logic and creativity. Studying Computer Science at university would allow me to develop my problem solving and analytical abilities in order to gain skills in a variety of areas, as well as go on to complete my PGCE, as the shortage of teachers qualified in Maths is an increasing issue and I am keen to enthuse young minds with the its amazing possibilities.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying Maths at A-Level and have found new concepts such as logarithms, calculus and sequencing intriguing. I have also become very interested in its influences from civilisations throughout time and across the world. In order to enrich my knowledge beyond the curriculum I am taking part in the national “Tempest” deciphering challenge, which is constantly testing but provides an ongoing opportunity to compete with others to break codes and apply the skills I have been taught. My long-time passion for the software and hardware of computers stems from the age of 11, when I began to design websites using simple HTML, and I have since developed skills in new languages such as CSS and MySQL databases to create more complex programs such as content management systems. I began programming with Visual Basic some years ago, but its evolution into VB.NET has been concurrent with my own developing abilities and thus exemplifies the exciting change constantly occurring in this field. Computer science models such as Floyd’s Triangle have their roots in mathematical problem solving and I have thus been able to employ my range of skills to create a program which will help me to deciper “Tempest” challenges, by using frequency analysis, word substitution and letter/number conversions, to analyse and reveal the solutions of codes.

I have always loved music and have played the piano for over 10 years: my recent interest in composing, inspired by artists including Enya and Debussy, led me to undertake a Music Technology EPQ in the use of music technology to produce Meditation music, a multi-layered sound which is greatly enhanced by the use of computerised instrumentation, which again is fundamentally based in maths; Sine sound waves used in synthesisers are based on Sine graphs, which can express sound itself through mathematical interpretation. I find the studio environment and equipment used in music programming have only further motivated me to study Computer Science in order to take advantage of exciting facilities and broaden my skill base on a range of equipment. My study of combined English has introduced me to the technical as well as creative side of the language, and learning about the its linguistic features has appealed to my love of communication systems, of which codes and programming languages are exciting modern forms. The subject has also inspired me to read widely for relaxation, and has made me a more rounded individual.

As a result of both A-Levels and my own endeavours, I have acquired qualities to make me an able student of Computer Science. Critical thinking is an essential asset to solving both mathematical and programming problems, and the creativity and commitment required in creating my own programs and musical pieces are endlessly rewarding, as I am able to create something tangible out of my skills and knowledge. The above quotation from Einstein, one of the most creative and yet logical thinkers in history, exemplifies what I love about maths: it provides reason to abstract concepts and in so doing has its own unique beauty. I am excited to go on to develop my knowledge in order to gain the tools to achieve my and others’ full potential through every aspect of my future career and life.

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