Computer Science and Pharmacy Personal Statement

Sample Computer Science and Pharmacy Personal Statement

What has always fascinated me about science is the many, many different applications it has in our daily lives. Far from scientific research and knowledge only having relevance in laboratories or universities, scientific discoveries in the vast majority of cases result in inventions that cause enormous and positive transformations in the way we live. This is certainly the case with the two areas of study that most fascinate me, namely computer science and pharmacy. The growth of pharmaceutical research has turned previously untreatable diseases into perfectly manageable or curable ones, whether they are of a trivial or serious nature. And life without computers would now be unthinkable, with IT infrastructures being essential for virtually every industry from banking to health and many everyday tasks revolving around computer software. Ever since I begged my mother to buy me a science kit from Argos as a child I have been wowed by the role science plays in our lives, something which now manifests itself in my fascination with both computer science and pharmacy.

My BTEC Extended Diploma in Applied Sciences has been a really enjoyable and rewarding way to explore the sciences and gain some of the skills that are central to pharmacy and computer science. I have especially taken pleasure in studying units relating to physiology as these have given me a much greater understanding of the vastly complex dynamics and workings of the human body and the different way it is susceptible to illnesses and how it fights against them. This aspect of the course has really encouraged me to take a particularly close interest in the science behind medical treatments, which I especially enjoy reading about in relation to new drugs in publications such as New Scientist. My understanding of this area has also been enhanced by the course’s unit in biochemical techniques. At the same time, the BTEC has given me a very solid grounding in the mathematical skills that are required by computer scientists. More broadly, studying science has helped me to develop a wide range of problem-solving and analytical skills. I am also an avid website designer and have loved the challenge of developing my skills in HTML, CSS and other languages.

The fact that both pharmacy and computer science both play such an important role in helping people also makes these two subject areas strongly appeal to me. Whether working directly with patients in a community pharmacy or more indirectly in a hospital environment, pharmacists are a vital part of any healthcare system, with their work being centred around ensuring people receive the best possible treatments for their condition and understand the dosage instructions that come with them. Although the computer scientist’s contact with people is perhaps less direct, it is clear that helping people is at the heart of what computing is about. A recent report I watched on the BBC show Click–one of my favourite outlets for learning about new technology–about Amazon’s incredible logistics system, which can handle over 35 orders a second, is just one demonstration of this; without computers allowing such systems, our experience as consumers would be a lot more difficult.

I had the chance to develop my skills in helping people this summer by working as a security guard at the Olympics. I took great pleasure in being able to assist people from all over the world and ensure that they enjoyed the games in comfort. I also enjoyed the levels of responsibility I was given, both in the form of making sure security checks were carried out correctly at all times and through my position of supervising a team of 15 other security guards. This last task that helped to improve the communication and teamwork skills that I have been developing through being the captain of my local football team, a responsibility I enjoy almost as much as my work as a DJ, through which I have performed at a wide range of packed venues.

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