Computer Programming Personal Statement

Sample Computer Programming Personal Statement

One of the joys of computing is that it is possible to learn so much simply through experimentation. I have really enjoyed learning through letting my curiosity lead me into teaching myself different aspects of computing. I have fond memories of long periods of time in the 1990s spent immersing myself in learning BASIC. Since then I have learnt new programming languages such as Visual Basic and C#; gaining a level of proficiency in these that has allowed me to develop games and other applications has been immensely rewarding. The Internet and the continued popularity of open-source programming have offered a great opportunity for individuals such as myself to learn by examining source code produced by others. I have also enjoyed learning more about the hardware side of computers through helping friends to upgrade and repair their computers.

This ever-growing fascination with computers and IT has inevitably developed into a serious interest, which in turn led me to the conclusion that it would be essential to study computer science to be able to advance any further. To become a competent IT professional it is necessary to gain expertise and knowledge through formal study and through learning from established experts. Studying for a BTEC in Software Development has been a highly worthwhile first step in this process, and I am now eager to take the next step, in the form of completing a BSc in Computer Science.

My interest in computer science is wide-ranging and virtually limitless, but I am especially interested in strengthening my understanding of programming and software engineering. Recently I have become fascinated by object-orientated programming; I find it remarkable that a piece of software can be assembled, like a machine, after each component of it has been created individually. This interest in programming has led me to read widely about programming developments and also taking steps to sharpen my mathematical skills in preparation for handling the most demanding aspects of the course.

My desire to undertake the training necessary to become an IT professional also partly stems from the pleasure I have derived from working closely with computers. I spent five enjoyable years working in a technical support role at a large consumer electronics retailer. I found that the demands of not just learning the intricacies of a piece of software or hardware but also being able to explain them in layman’s terms to customers really helped to stimulate my computing expertise and my awareness of the critical role that IT plays in people’s lives. Over the five years in which I held this position it was also a privilege to be able to witness directly the rapid and impressive evolution of computing technology, and this experience has increased my desire to dedicate my career to the computing sector.

At present I have two different part-time jobs outside the IT sector – I work in a customer service role for an optician, and also at a local pub – to support myself whilst studying. Although I am keen to return to working with computers as soon as possible, these positions have nevertheless built on the professional skills that I began to develop whilst working in technical support. Advising customers over the phone has helped to further improve my communication skills; working in a busy pub presents a variety of daily challenges, ranging from handling over-enthusiastic drinkers to handling cash and locking up at unsociable hours.

I hope that completing a BSc in Computer Science will equip me with the skills that are necessary for employment in the IT sector. I am open-minded about the precise path my career will take – at present I find virtually all aspects of the computing world highly compelling – but based on my current areas of interest, I would be delighted to be able to one day play a leading role in the software industry.

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