Computer Programming Personal Statement

Sample Computer Programming Personal Statement

My early interest in the possibilities of computer technology led me to take courses in web development and Microsoft Office and then to study for a degree in applied business computing. It has always been very clear to me that IT has become a central feature of modern life and that its importance will continue to develop rapidly in the future, and I feel very strongly that I should like to play a part in this new world and that I have the ability and the enthusiasm to do so. I love the science of IT, but I am even more attracted by its human significance and the prospects it offers of improvement in people’s lives. I am the first member of my family to do a degree course and I believe that my commitment to the subject was demonstrated by my determination to complete the course while working to support myself. I believe that learning, particularly in a rapidly evolving discipline such as IT, can never really be said to be complete, and that my own personal progress is very dependent on my continuing study, which is why I am keen to apply for a Master’s degree. My ambition is to become a project manager and to be able to make the right decisions and drive plans forward to their successful completion. The combination of computer technology with management skills seems to offer the greatest range of opportunities in the world of employment, and the versatility of such qualifications and their transferability are very attractive.

My first degree has given me a very sound grounding in computer technology, covering material such as the workings of the web, systems development, databases, the role of IT in commerce and industry and advanced software engineering. At the same time my experience in the workplace has prepared me well for the world of professional commitment. For some years I have worked for a security company, first as a security administrator and later as an operations manager. The first involved running a database of key holders, generating ID cards for a number of sites, dealing with contractors and working closely with other departments in the firm. I also developed a detailed knowledge of the PAC system. In my later role I held responsibility for booking meetings, working with contractors and site engineers, supervising health and safety regulations, preparing reports, training new employees and generally acting as the first point of contact for the public. I believe that this experience over a number of years has enabled me to make mature decisions about my own professional needs as well as preparing me directly for the demands of my own planned career. My communication skills developed rapidly and I learnt the importance of good personal organisation, the management of time and the importance of being able to handle a number of different issues simultaneously.

I always try to keep abreast of new developments in my subject through reading journals and following stories in the media. One of my work projects included the redesign of a website for a London NGO, and I was a member of a team which thoroughly reviewed the fund generation and monitoring system for a local firm in London, which confirmed my own appreciation of the importance of teamwork in the approach to IT projects. During my first degree course I was appointed leader of my team in group project assignments.

My first language is Afrikaans, and I have fluent English and some Arabic, useful assets in an increasingly international workplace. Outside my IT interests I enjoy swimming, I am an avid reader and I am keen on outdoor pursuits. My understanding of the central importance of teamwork is accompanied by a confidence in my own individual judgement which enables me to take responsibility for my own decisions and work happily on my own. I handle change well, am very adaptable and have the ability to motivate those around me. My commitment to my chosen career is unquestioned and I hope you will consider my application.

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