Computer Graphics Personal Statement

Sample Computer Graphics Personal Statement

During my study of computing at school I became engaged with all aspects of the course, and from the outset I knew I would like to pursue this interest in into further education. Acting as the source of new things was particularly enjoyable and I hope to develop my skills in this area in more depth whilst reading for an undergraduate degree in Computer and Network Technology and Computer Animation. Honing many comparatively useful skills that will aid me in attaining my career goal of becoming a web designer is also a high priority and creative problem solving is an area of my chosen university course that I anticipate highly; IT is a constantly developing field involved in much of the world around us. I wish to be part of this development and to input into the furthering of IT as a fundamental element of everyday life.

Developing professional skills and experiencing working environments is highly important to me and I plan on intensely building upon my pre-existing computer skills with more advanced and focussed expertise. I particularly look forward to studying networking and system support and hope to build up the fundamental skills learnt whilst taking my OCR Nationals Level 2 and 3 IT course. During these courses I actively developed competences that would help me during my academic study at university and used my extra curricular time to gain valuable work experience.

Whilst undertaking my A-levels I balanced schoolwork with a part-time job, demonstrating that my time management and organisational skills are highly developed. I maintained the level of my academic work and was able to earn money to support my computer-interests. At Oakdale Golf Club and Booker Whole Sale, I was given the responsibility of meal preparation and I also worked in many customer-facing roles. I utilised these experiences to develop my interpersonal and communication skills and was proactive in presenting myself professionally and in a helpful and competent manner. During this time my confidence in dealing with customers increased greatly and I am now comfortable in any such role. This will be hugely beneficial when studying at university as my input into seminars and when working in groups will be valuable – I have no reservations speaking in front of groups or giving presentations. I am also an able listener and take direction very well. During my A Level period, working alongside my studies has prepared me well for university life and I hope to enjoy a positive academic career, working life and social life simultaneously just as I have done so at school.

When working as a teaching assistant at a Primary School I enjoyed nurturing my creative capabilities. Helping children with reading and writing problems in a manner that interested them and held their concentrating was challenging but highly rewarding and I benefited greatly from this time. I also used my creative character to adapt my sports skills to PE lessons and to the different skill levels within the class. Much improvisation, patience and motivational skill was required and I took great pleasure from seeing the children accomplish tasks I had set out; these skills will prove greatly beneficial to my university studies and I know that perseverance and confidence in ones own abilities are essential to success.

Playing sport has taught me valuable lessons involving the responsibility of being a captain, positive teamwork, cooperation, concentration and mutual motivation. Having played football since the age of eight I have had much time to hone the aforementioned skills and I am confident in my own abilities. This will aid me within my studies and I have the objective outlook allowing me to gel well with a group and to understand the various functions of its members. I hope to continue with sport at university, as it is an excellent way to blow of steam helping concentration, and to also develop one’s social group.

I have avidly followed the work of Pixar and EA and highly anticipate learning about computer animation during my course. I also read game magazines to keep up with progression of the industry. I hope to be able to implement some of my personal interest in this area to my university career and look forward to working on projects with others and sharing said skills and interests. I am a dedicated and diligent student and I hope to be able to demonstrate my thirst for success at university. Throughout my life I have risen to many challenges and my positive and versatile attitude will be essential to my university career. I look forward to displaying my aptitudes, to learning new ones and to learning from others at university.

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