Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Example Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Since I was very young, I have always aspired to be an engineer. Coming from Afghanistan, where my own engineering studies were interrupted by the chaos of civil war, I know the importance of good infrastructure and what it is like to be without it. So my ambition is to become a civil engineer specialising in municipal projects so that I may contribute to the public good. I wish to study Civil Engineering to complete my interrupted studies and fulfil my ambition.

I began my Civil Engineering studies in 1997 at Kabul University, where I gained a highly sought-after place on the five-year Masters, having passed the entrance exam with flying colours. I received high-quality teaching in English with Western university textbooks, since the engineering department had been funded by the Americans prior to the war. On the course, I excelled in the Physics, Mathematics and English parts of the course. I took rigorous courses in multi-variable calculus, advanced algebra, statics, dynamics and stress analysis. So I especially look forward to renewing my acquaintance with Engineering Mathematics and learning about areas I have yet to study such as Fluid Mechanics. I was expected to graduate with the highest honours but unfortunately in my third year the civil war resulted in the university’s closing down indefinitely.

My life in Kabul rapidly became intolerable because of the war and I decided in late 2000 to migrate to the UK, where I could continue life in peace and in time continue my studies. Before my emigration, I was fortunate to receive a very strong academic training at university and at school. Prior to university, I studied a broad range of subjects at Habibia High School in Kabul, where I performed outstandingly in Sciences, Maths and English.

When I arrived in the UK, my first task was to ensure my English was impeccable so that I could work and study wherever I wanted. For two years, I studied ESOL intensively at Leicester College. Having perfected my English, I gained a job at Walkers Chamwood Bakery, where I work to this day. My hard work, team spirit and customer service are highly valued by my employer and customers alike. I think these are essential qualities of a good civil engineer working on large public projects.

On top of my busy working schedule, I have taken an Interpreting course at an adult education college so that I may interpret for other Afghanis to help them settle in the UK. All the while, I have been preparing myself to re-enter higher education to realise my dream. In my spare time to keep up with developments in engineering, I read numerous civil engineering publications, such as The New Civil Engineer and Civil Engineering Magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Reading about projects in developing nations, such as my native Afghanistan, I would really like to take a module on Civil Engineering in developing countries on the degree. I also learn a lot from watching documentaries on the Discovery Channel about super-structures and mega-structures and ambitious future construction projects that I would love to be a part of later in my career.

I enjoy playing competitive football and I hope to try out for the university’s team when I begin my course. I would also like to offer my services to the student support department. I think my experience, maturity and interpreting qualification would make me a good counsellor for other immigrants trying to gain a university qualification in the UK.

I wish to take advantage of every opportunity at university and befriend fellow students from many different backgrounds to learn about other cultures and to teach people about mine. Having had my own studies cut off by civil disaster, I know the importance of higher education and how few people in the world have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. I shall give my best on the course so that I may reach my goal of contributing to society as a municipal engineer.

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