Civil Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Civil Engineering Personal Statement

My keen aspirations to study engineering developed from my uncle who has always worked as a Civil Engineer, taking me to show the exciting projects he was working on. I am magnetized to the prospect of a job in engineering, which enables me to shape the world around me for the future and possibly affects people’s lives.

I understand that I will experience challenging and demanding career but know that it will be highly rewarding and suited to my skill set. This is because I am fascinated by mathematical and physical problems and am capable of solving them due to my logical method of learning. Today’s world is constantly growing and evolving the crucial demand for innovation and original ideas is becoming increasingly evident. The prospect of tackling some of these challenges the world faces with engineering both appeals and excited me. My father also owns a civil engineering firm and I have continually been to his offices to ask questions, watch projects being developed and further feed my desire for knowledge.

I plan to after the completion of my studies, be at such a stage where I can continue and run my father’s business, but I have innovative ideas, which I hope to develop while studying at University in the UK. I plan to use these to expand and improve my father’s business and civil engineering further afield.

I believe that success, as an engineer in this day and age, requires technical competence and a combination of management, leadership, communication and business skills. Leadership is something that I have naturally. I have proven this by being made an agricultural manager after working in the construction industry since 2004. In doing this, I was also made superintendent of a Construction site in one of the civil projects at Saroojgaran. I gained experience from this and relished the chance to see the progress of an entire project from initiation to completion. I experienced project management and gained report evaluation skill I also learnt the value of time management in an engineering project and was commended by senior Engineers for my efforts.

While studying Civil Engineering at Azad University, I developed my skills in the design and mathematical analysis of timber, steel and concrete structures. I have completed extensive courses on dam, bridge and railway design and the mechanisms of earthquakes and the effect that they have on structure. In my final year of study I successfully completed detailed projects on the design of a five story building and design of a seven story steel structure. I know want to improve my knowledge and due to the reputation of British universities, I have moved to England in order to gain my IELTS certificate with a score prediction of 7. Upon completion of this, I wish to further my education to Masters level.

I believe it is vital for an individual to be well rounded. This is why I take a keen interest in playing sport alongside my keen interest in engineering. Sport and keeping fit is a vital part of my life and suits my personality, as it requires discipline and motivation. I compete in karate, achieving championship wins and I have also received a certificate of appreciation in Shitoryu Karate from the Sports Body in Iran, for my efforts and the developments achieved for Karate in Iran.

I was also a member of my university sport club, University Karate Captain and Iran’s national team Captain. This further shows my discipline and desire to achieve as well as showing my strengths as a team player while symbiotically acting as a

Leader. My sporting interests extend to kickboxing, football and swimming and I enjoy partaking in these, which is also a great way to interact and become socially involved in a university. I greatly enjoy cultural disciplines and make it a priority to travel in order to experience and learn about new cultures. As a part of this, I enjoy reading literature from around the world particularly Old Persian Literature. I enjoy also exploring current affairs and studying history. This contributes and influences my engineering work

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