Civil engineering Personal Statement

Sample Civil engineering Personal Statement

A great appreciation of architecture and buildings, both aesthetically and structurally, has inspired my ambition to study civil engineering and I am interested in studying Civil Engineering at degree level and beyond. I have always admired the work of engineers and the impact that they have as well as the remarkable advancements that are made in this field. After three years of studying to become a civil engineer, I am convinced that this is the career for me.

I have started to enhance my knowledge both inside and outside the classroom during my studies, and have gained an even deeper understanding of my ambitions and where I would like to be in the future as well as how to get there. I am particularly interested in project and construction management including the more technical side of construction. I would like to work on projects where I can design the structure while considering how the building will respond to the surroundings it is based in.

I have come to the conclusion that the perfect step forward is to complete a degree in either structural engineering or construction management. I have been actively seeking experience in my chosen field. As a Trainee Engineer, I spent 2 months working on one of the largest construction projects in Saudi Arabia. My responsibilities included assisting the technical director as well as reviewing and understanding project drawings, contracts and reports. I was able to see how he projects being worked on provided direct and tangible benefits to the environment in which they were situated. I saw this not only as a career but as an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the world around me ant this further attracted me to this industry.

As a result of my success, I was able to spend time working in the planning department where I was trained on using Oracle Primavera P6 project management software. I was also tasked with updated project plan and creating log sheets. My work experience has really confirmed my interest in structural engineering and I feel that a master’s degree will give me the up-to-date tools and knowledge to be competitive and competent.

Having the privilege of living in different countries has given me valuable adaptability skill and a multicultural background. Moreover, I am fluent in two languages, namely Arabic and English. The fact that I had to constantly forge new contacts and connections due to relocation taught me the value of taking the initiative. I also make the effort to read around my subject with books such as “Structures or how things don’t fall down” by J.E Gordon and I receive regular updates of the ‘New Civil Engineer’ magazine

Aside from my academics, I have had experience as the President and Co-founder of my local Handball Club. I assisted the club from being an unknown sport to an oversubscribed club in 2 years. The team competes in the English national second division where we take part in student championships and organise social events and trips. Being part of this team has taught me how to be responsible for a large number of people, how to try and keep everyone satisfied, and most importantly how to lead by example and work as part of a team.

In addition, leading the Handball Club, as well as taking part in various competitive sports has taught me that any achievement, large or small is always the result of a combined effort by a team. Therefore, I have learnt how to best work in a team in a positive, influential manner and this has taught me skills that I will be able to use in the working world.

I would like to start my own business. I am highly interested in a future career in refurbishing and renovating upscale properties, and I plan to achieve this by establishing my own firm.

I very much look forward to an exciting and fulfilling career in Civil Engineering where I can engage in the diversity of engineering and feel that a degree is the next step in order for me to reach this goal. I believe that Civil engineers shape and manage the world around us. Being able to design and create would be a very rewarding experience, as I have always loved to design, create and test purposeful concepts. The idea of designing something that could solve a public need is what appeals to me most about civil engineering and means I am certain that this it the career path for me.

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