Childhood Studies Personal Statement

Example Childhood Studies Personal Statement

My natural ability to connect with children, range of work experience and love of learning are qualities I have, which I believe make me an ideal candidate to embark on the Childhood Studies degree. I am keen to further my understanding and knowledge of child psychology, development, care and education. This course offers me the opportunity to engage this curiosity and take my skills to the next level.

From a young age, I have been involved in my younger siblings learning and development. I gained a sense of pride and achievement, as I helped them grow in to strong readers and independent thinkers. Having the patience to explain new words, sentences and concepts with clarity, to a younger audience has pushed me forward to discover how children develop their mind.

As a nursery nurse at Wonderland Nursery and McMillan Nursery, I worked with children from birth to around seven years, helping them to develop and learn new skills. I was highly involved in planning and supervising activities such as arts and crafts, music and cooking. Other activities included counting games, reading stories and developing language skills. It was interesting to note the range of abilities in children of the same age, from potty training and the use of cutlery. Helping children develop their communication, tactile, logical and self-sufficiency skills is highly rewarding, as I could see their improvements and use of new skills, on a daily basis. My communication and teamwork skills were rapidly developed, as I needed to speak with babies and inquisitive toddlers to co-workers and parents. It was essential to be highly organised, conscientious and reliable, as structure and order are necessary for a smooth and successful operation of nursery.

As a teaching assistant at Cherry Lane Primary School and Colham Manor Primary School, I gained work experience with an older age range of children in a different environment. I was responsible for assisting classes of a high number, providing one-on-one guidance to pupils who needed additional support. Here I gained the opportunity see how lesson plans are created, structured and fit with the curriculum. Positive communication and enthusiasm were essential for presenting a new ideas and reinforcing older learnings. I found this made it easier for children to communicate with me, an adult. Being a creative and perceptive person, I am able to teach in a clear, easy and engaging way. I understand that children have different ways of learning; therefore flexibility and adaptability to ways of teaching are essential.

I am currently involved in a variety of volunteer activities with children. As a Reading Buddy, I encourage and support children who have difficulty reading, who are shy and will not read aloud. As a Pyramid Club Leader, I work with children to build their self-esteem, which involves creating and preparing activities and team games. I am responsible for the care of children during the Barnowls Afterschool Club. I learnt how children need to slowly build their confidence and gain trust, to overcome their personal obstacles.

My experience working with children has developed my leadership skills, use of initiative, organisation and time management. I have gained a greater insight in to a range of ages and their development levels from home, natural curiosity and learning environments. My proactive approach to pursuing this career path reflects my motivation and ambition to succeed on the course. In my free time, I enjoy regular exercise activities. This has taught me personal health of the body and mind helps me focus and fully apply myself to the task at hand.

Childhood Studies is the next step in my career. History, psychology, law, special needs, management and future education, are areas I wish to gain a higher level of knowledge.

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