Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Sample Chemical Engineering Personal Statement

Having excelled in my chosen scientific A-levels, I wish to apply to study Chemical Engineering: a subject that combines my interests in the physical and life sciences. This discipline would allow me to pursue a career in manufacture for a range of industries, from the advanced oil industry to traditional breweries.

From a young age I have had an interest in the production of useful materials, visiting factories to understand the methods and values that are involved in organizing a large workforce using current technology. Having obtained excellent results in my Physics and Chemistry A-levels, I see a degree in the field as a step towards being involved in such mass industry at a later stage in my career. I would like to enthuse a team of people with the same inquisitiveness that I have about the history, challenges and values of great inventions of the past. We can harbour much in modern industry through learning about the processes and events which sparked great inventions, for example, the design feats of the early automotive trade. I am therefore seeking further study of these processes through University study.

Saying this, I am also fascinated by the pioneering new techniques and materials developed from research in modern Chemical Engineering. During work experience in Boots the Chemist, I assisted customers with prescriptions and medical queries but was also aware of the advances that particular brands were making, and how customer demand fitted production.

The debate surrounding sustainable energy fascinates me, and I hope to specialize in this at degree level. The worldwide demand for oil – as I noted on a practical level whilst in Dubai – must be balanced with a demand for alternative fuel sources. A degree in this field would greatly improve my knowledge and understanding of different sides to the argument, in order to research sustainable measures for the future. Speaking Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi fluently gives me a great advantage in this area, as I am able to communicate with key players in the areas of booming industry as well as understand the needs of people in countries where new sources of energy may conflict with economical operation.

Aerospace, automotive and environmental engineering are my specialist areas, having followed such technological advances in the media and scientific publications for some time. I have great admiration for polymath inventors, whose creations transcend many disciplines. I hope be amongst their ranks one day.

This skill in communication, coupled with my drive to succeed, makes me the ideal candidate for the Engineering discipline. Organizing a team during the Duke of Edinburgh awards was a challenge, as I had to pull together the strengths and interests of a diverse group of people, but this is what is required of both the Engineering profession and a well-rounded University life. I have displayed exceptional attention to detail in my extra-curricular activities. For example, I worked in at a hospital radio station for three months, collecting requests and planning the show. Time management was key, as was producing clear and concise lists for what needed to be done each day. I also volunteered in the hospital shop. This displays my ability to be communicative and personal alongside having an interest in scientific pursuits. In each situation, I worked alongside new people very effectively. The sociable culture of University would therefore not be a shock for me.

I am currently working as a Sales Adviser, and would relish the opportunity to get back into an academic environment. I am good at conversing with people and obtaining customer satisfaction, and would like to take this with me into the professional industry when I graduate.

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