Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

I have a consuming interest in the world of business and finance, and I am eager to forge a career in accounting. My particular interest at the moment is in audit and taxation questions, but all aspects of finance and financial handling appeal to me as challenging, substantial and satisfying areas of professional life. To be an accountant in the modern world is to enter a realm of opportunity. The accountant’s role in modern business grows steadily in importance, and often leads to management decisions and very significant involvement in the running of an enterprise. Furthermore the profession is highly respected, and increasingly versatile. The accountant can provide services for individuals, companies or governments. He or she can act as a consultant offering advice on areas such as the design of accounting, the data processing system within an organization, or the choice of controls to safeguard assets. Forensic accountants oversee bankruptcies and asset liquidation, and management accountants analyze a firm’s financial information and the management of its assets. The diversity of opportunities in the career presents a very attractive prospect. I am a mature student, the first member of my family to apply to university, and I believe that my choice of degree course and career is based on true and careful consideration, and that I have the academic ability and determination to succeed.

I look forward to studying the complex and highly regulated field of accounting systems in a degree course, and developing the sort of expert judgement which is essential in the profession. I need to learn about accounting and auditing standards, about such things as UITF abstracts and exposure drafts. I hope to explore questions of company legislation, and the impact of changes in accounting regulations, and I am already fully aware of the weight of responsibility on the accountant’s shoulders, and how absolutely essential it is for him to have accurate and up to date knowledge. Ethical standards and the regulatory system will also be central. On taxation I should like to study revenue systems and interpretations, recent tax cases, changes in tax law, and developments in specific taxes such as VAT. The possibility of working abroad will of course mean mastering the tax regime of the country I am working in. There are also the intriguing issues of the taxation of e-commerce, and the coordination of taxes in an increasingly international trading market. I know that I have much to learn, and I am eager and deeply committed.

I have some work experience that has given me a taste of the commercial world and allowed me to work with money and elementary accounting procedures. I have worked in retail sales and in catering, as well as in an optician’s. In all these posts I handled cash, prepared daily account figures and reports, took stock and carried out basic audits. I also worked with others, sometimes training them and organising their work rotas, I believe that these jobs have given me a mature sense of responsibility and a realistic awareness of the way that money functions in the economy.

Outside my work and my financial interests I have a number of enjoyable pastimes. I play the classical guitar, and enjoy dance and photography. Travel is one of my great pleasures.

I am a hard working and level-headed individual, with a mature outlook on life and a realistic sense of the scale of the challenges I face in my choice of degree subject, and of the demands as well as the rewards of my planned career. My employment record has shown me to be reliable and diligent, a good team worker but also someone who can work on his own initiative. I am highly motivated, and set myself high standards. To work as an accountant in a major corporation, or in public service, seems to me to be a very fulfilling and humanly rewarding role to play in the modern world, and I hope you will consider my application.

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