Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

Through my upbringing, economics and business have been at the heart of my world. My father is a very successful business man in my home country. He has encouraged me to be as involved as possible in his business. In addition to this teaching me the mechanics of the day-to-day running of a business, this experience has inevitably meant that, in the context of a globalized world, I have been introduced to the world of international trade, and by extension the notion of the world functioning as a highly complex economic entity. Although this practical introduction to economics has taught me a great deal, the discipline is far too wide-reaching and complicated to be learnt through work experience. For this reason, and because I am so interested in the economic world that has been opened up to me, I wish to study economics at university.

Economics has always been my favourite subject at school and college. This interest ranges from the overall macroeconomic structure – the delicate, fascinating ecosystem that is the global economy and the factors that drive it – to the minutiae of the dynamics of supply and demand within a particular sector of a country’s economy. I regularly read economics and finance books, and am an avid reader of the English-language financial newspapers and journals. Coming from a country which is playing an increasingly important global role due to its rapid economic expansion, I am imbued with a sense of the possibilities of financial gain that the world offers. From studying economics I hope to learn more about the principles of investment and economic analysis. With this information, I hope to be able to contribute to my father’s business, and help it surpass even his own expectations. My father has taught me much about the secrets of business, and one day I intend to own my own business, which I believe will be even more successful than that of my father.

I am an exceptionally motivated and driven person. I have enjoyed the challenge of studying English so that I am prepared for studying in the United Kingdom. I am also very optimistic and outgoing, and look forward to the opportunities that university will give me to participate in lively discussion with new peers on my course. More specifically, I hope to spread a sense of excitement about the opportunities that the world of business can still continue to offer to committed business people, even in the current economic conditions. I am also a very sociable person, and I am excited about the possibilities of meeting all sorts of people from all over the world when I become a student.

I have a range of interests outside of school. I am a benevolent person, and enjoy being involved with charity work. Of late I have become increasingly interested in environmental issues, and have volunteered with various charities to help raise awareness of this important issue, and also play a role in caring for areas of natural beauty. I am an accomplished sportsman, excelling in badminton, table tennis and basketball. I was the table tennis vice-champion of my school, and I won second prize in the Shanghai community badminton tournament. My competitive nature extends to academic subjects. I finished third in the Wenzhou mathematical Olympiad. I also enjoy new challenges. Recently, I took intensive courses in the piano, with the goal of becoming an accomplished musician within one year.

In short, I am a curious, enthusiastic person who has a very strong interest in economics. I look forward to applying my talents to studying the subject at university, before going on to using the knowledge that I acquire to be a highly successful businessman.

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