Business Studies Personal Statement

Lama Alfayez

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

As someone with a deep interest in the commercial world I am confident that a degree in Business Studies from a top UK Business School would be the best possible foundation for me to build a successful career in the trading and finance field. I have always been encouraged by my father, who has attended business conferences with me, and he has helped me to understand the essential concerns of anyone working in business. I am eager to explore the techniques for analysing and interpreting financial data and the methods of preparing statements and accounting information. I am equally interested in the human resources aspect of management and in understanding human behaviour within organisations, particularly in an international context, which is likely to be an increasingly important concern in the future. Speaking both Arabic and English, I believe I am in a strong position to play an important role in globalised business. I should also like to discover much more about marketing methods, and the part played by analysis, planning and control in the marketing process, and I am very much aware of the central importance of understanding the risk element in financial ventures. The creation of wealth is of benefit to all and I am keen to make my own contribution to the growing prosperity of my nation.

I believe that my achievements outside my business interests have demonstrated my ability to lead and to be innovative. At school I was the chief organiser of the Model United Nations, an organisation which offers delegates the chance to discuss pressing global issues and to develop their own new views and perspectives while building new friendships across the nation. Previously, I was captain of the volleyball team for four consecutive years, which called for organisational ability and the power to inspire, encourage and make decisions, all necessary qualities in the potential business leader.

I keep abreast of developments in my subject by following stories in the media and regularly reading The Economist. I believe very strongly in the importance of hard work, rating it higher, perhaps, than talent as the key to achieving success in the world. But without ambition and a vision of one’s planned goal, one’s efforts will be fruitless. My vision of my aim is clear, and I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a very successful undergraduate.

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