Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

Coming from a business family, the world of commerce has been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. Business acumen is clearly inherited: recent studies demonstrate that despite the recent recession, family-owned firms in the UK continue to grow and prosper, and many have been trading for over 300 years. An IFB report on “Family Stewardship” underlines the constancy uniting successive generations of businessmen: a fluid transmission of legacy and values, which keeps their family firms alive. My grandfather established his still-thriving food manufacturing business after World War II and both my parents run their own companies, and business discussions on market fluctuations and new ventures characterised my upbringing. Having studied Business Studies at GCSE and A-Level to gain a grounding in the subject, I now am keen to take my study to a higher level and embark upon my own business endeavours to uphold the family tradition.

Business Studies A-Level has given me a comprehensive foundation in business skills and concepts, and I am particularly enthusiastic about Marketing. Innovative marketing is at the core of reaching and understanding one’s market, through anticipating change and answering to it, and investigating company case studies underlines the importance of selling a lifestyle rather than just a product. Diesel epitomises this, engaging directly with the customer in campaigns, and promoting an aspirational, offbeat lifestyle to their young demographic. The evolving opportunities in digital and social media will only make this approach more exciting in future, again evidenced by Diesel’s use of U-Music to promote music and clothing as an inseparable entity, to maximise outreach and appeal. I am equally fascinated by management and having studied various schools of thought, I identify with Herzberg’s ‘Two Factor’ theory of optimising employee performance through providing motivation alongside optimised working conditions, in order to address the needs of employee, company and union. Studying Psychology has also been useful in understanding both consumer behaviour and influential communication, and I look forward to developing these skills through further study of business psychology as part of my degree.

To enhance my business experience I undertook a placement at Sun Valley alongside the marketing and sales team, who dealt with large clients such as Tesco and Costco. It was intriguing to observe a decades-old family business responding to today’s challenges, and I found their emphasis on development and innovative manufacturing techniques inspiring. My role as Financial Director in a Young Enterprise company also provided experience of business in practice. My organisational skill was integral in monitoring profits and minimising losses, and communicating my concerns to the team improved my interpersonal skills and self-confidence, further tested at the Young Enterprise trade fair where I gave a presentation to the judges on the progression of our business. We gained an award for the best trade stall and achieved a substantial profit on money invested, which whetted my appetite for commercial success and paid tribute to our focus and strategic approach.

I work part time as a waitress and whilst balancing my commitments has been challenging, I have enjoyed developing my communication skills through daily dealings with the public. In my spare time I am active in school sports teams including netball, lacrosse and volleyball, which have honed my teamwork and leadership skills, and allow me to relax as well as achieve.

Knowledge and experience are key in building a business, but equally important are the innate passion and ability to constantly innovate. Business is in my blood, and I can think of no more rewarding outlet for my unique talents, focus and drive than representing the next generation of my family in a climate of exciting change, creativity and momentum, through a successful entrepreneurial career.

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