Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

Ever since encountering the Forbe’s rich list, I have been fascinated by entrepreneurs. It is not simply the huge rewards for individuals that make the idea of studying and working in the field of business and finance appealing, however, but also the effect that these sectors have on all our lives. Far from being concerned simply with individual gain, understanding business helps you to see how it shapes our world.

Business Studies has proven to be my academic strong point, laying a foundation for undergraduate level study and gaining me my best grades, including a mark of 114/120 at AS-Level. Supplementing this with the study of Maths and Economics has also allowed me to get to grips with the basic building blocks of business theory. Combining the methodical approach of these subjects with the creative approach of Business Studies allows a greater understanding of this theory, while also ensuring continued intellectual rigour. Making a £200 profit within one hour, through the sale of cupcakes during a Young Enterprise Scheme team project, demonstrated how successful this combination of approaches can be.

I have also gained practical experience of the application of business theory. Undertaking work experience at my uncle’s computer shop, not only taught me a great deal about computers but also demonstrated the importance of fostering strong relationships with customers and staff through leadership and communication skills. These skills also proved useful during a second placement with Curry’s Digital. Joining a fast-paced, target-driven sales environment, and holding my own by completing several sales, offered a practical example of the importance of understanding your product and your place within the market.

I believe that my strong performance in these placements was due to a combination of the increasing knowledge of business I have gained through study and the leadership and teamwork skills I have developed through sport. As a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I have not only been committed to my personal development over a number of years, but have also captained my college team at tournament level. Planning tactics and inspiring my team mates to deliver them has increased my confidence in leadership roles; essential if I am to achieve my ultimate goal of running my own business. I have also captained, or participated in, football, cricket, basketball, swimming and rugby teams, winning multiple certificates and awards in each.

I like to keep up with the constant, exciting developments in the world of business by reading newspapers, magazines, books and websites. In this fast-paced world up to date information is a valuable commodity, so I have signed up to a number of e-mail and text update services. I also enjoy reading about figures in industry and find that reading about their life stories inspires me to emulate them. Inspired by their continuing commitment to their communities I also regularly undertake charity and voluntary work. My family donate time and money to children and homeless charity projects in the UK, India and Nigeria, and I find helping out whenever I am visiting a particular project in India to be a hugely emotionally rewarding activity. I also work with younger pupils at my school, helping to improve their reading skills and guiding them through any educational or personal problems they may be facing.

Balancing academic interests in business with practical experience, I have shown myself to be a dedicated, determined student with the potential to provide strong leadership and entrepreneurial creativity. To make sure that I deliver on this potential, and fulfil my ultimate goal of running my own business, I am committed to maintaining the same level of hard work throughout undergraduate study and beyond.

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