Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Studies Personal Statement

Education in various areas of business, work experience, high motivation and ambition are I believe are strong foundations in which to embark on a Business Studies BA. I have a passion for business, the dynamics of the commercial environment, strategic management and various elements that make up a successful business enterprise.

From a young age I have always been involved in various functions within the family business. I applied these skills and knowledge to High School examinations, achieving excellent grades in Business, Accountancy, Taxation, Management, Politics and Law, Administration and Market Studies. I have since gained plenty of work experience in large companies as well as running my own business.

I wish to gain a thorough understanding of all the business elements, such as marketing, human resource management, finance and accounting and information systems. I feel this course will equip me with relevant tools needed to devise solutions across all business functions.

Throughout my career, I have gained many skills which I can apply to this course. I enjoy working with a team, and I believe it is important to encourage others and provide assistance when needed. Using initiative in independent and group circumstances has allowed me to develop leadership roles.

Networking and liaising with customers has made me aware of the importance of developing strong business relationships, using excellent communication, presentational and social skills. My roles have also involved providing reports and contracts to various stakeholders of the company, which requires a high level of attention to detail, accuracy and time keeping.

In my free time, I enjoy self-taught subjects such as Psychology. Understanding human behaviour and the cognitive process in which a person goes through can be applied to business settings, whether it is management of people or advertising campaigns. Reading business and economics publications on a daily basis, give me a good understanding of the dynamic business world.

I have gained a vast amount of work experience within the UK and in my home country, Latvia. Most recently, I have worked my way up to become Document Controller and Project Handover Manager based within two of the largest London Airports. Key responsibilities include processing, distributing and maintaining controlled documentation using various information technology platforms. Organisation, quality control, accuracy and meeting deadlines are essential skills for ensuring customer and company documents align with various corporate policies. I also provide progress reports to reflect distribution and accuracy of documents.

As a director I gained experience in managing the company as a whole. This involved developing a business growth plan, where I was responsible for increasing market share. Holding this responsibility, I was required to present formal proposals to other stakeholders and directors.

I have developed skills in market research on an international scale, where I use theories and practices held in different cultures. I have become confident in presenting ideas, proposals, solutions and reports to a range of people. I regularly used my initiative to overcome various issues within business environments. Applying these skills to university assignments, projects and work placement opportunities will help me become successful, academically and in business.

Developing a critical understanding of business principles and practice and building an awareness of effective management in a variety of business contexts, are core areas which I wish to enhance. My enthusiasm, diligence and motivation to succeed, along with my current knowledge and skills, make me an ideal candidate. I believe this course is the next step in my career to achieve great academic and business success.

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