Business Studies Personal Statement

Sample Business Personal Statement

I have been brought up surrounded by the business world. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs, and I have worked as an assistant in my mother’s trading company. Here I learnt the virtues of efficiency and strong leadership, and the importance of self confidence, which are at the heart of successful business career. This has also made it clear to me that the commercial world is in the process of rapid change, with IT spreading information at an unprecedented rate and automatic systems transforming production processes. An increasingly globalised business world demands radical changes in the way trading is conducted and markets are approached, but it also offers dramatic new opportunities for success, and new skills to master. The satisfaction possible in running a good commercial firm seems to me to be one of the most exciting prospects possible in the world of work, and it is for this reason that I should like to do a degree in business studies and then spend my career in commerce.

Outside my concern with business matters I have many other interests. I am a keen sportsman, and captain the school volleyball team, which has helped me to learn the importance of teamwork and cooperation. I am a rock climber, which calls for courage, determination and individual self-reliance. I also enjoy the quiet elegance of snooker, which calls for powers of concentration and personal calm.

At school I have been a class monitor for three years, taking a leading role in class management, and I am the president of my high school’s student union. I believe that I have the qualities of maturity and calm judgement that are needed in the boardroom. I am hard working and very ambitious, good at working in a group, but also full of initiative, and reliable when working alone. My organizational skills are good, and I am confident in my own judgement, as well as my originality of mind and imagination. I am sound academically, and thoroughly committed to my chosen career path, and I hope you will consider my application.

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