Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

Example Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

As a promising student, an internet entrepreneur and a budding professional golfer, I am regularly setting myself tough challenges and goals, and am more than aware of the importance of ambition, drive and hard work in achieving them. It is the combination of these three things, combined with the potential financial and personal rewards, that has always pushed me toward entrepreneurial activity. The cut and thrust of the business world, much like the world of professional sport, suits my competitive spirit, my attention to detail and my leadership abilities. Supplementing my existing knowledge and experience through undergraduate study, I hope to achieve even greater levels of success.

Having set up my own online Indian tea business, I have gained first hand experience of all aspects of running a business; including sourcing products, negotiating with suppliers, managing cash flow, website design, and legal and financial administration. Starting one’s own business is a steep learning curve, and I have looked to a range of material, including going on courses on business skills and web design and attending Mark Anastasia’s regular lectures on Internet marketing, to ensure that mine has been a success. While I believe that gaining practical experience in business is all important, and will be spending much of my gap year growing my business into new markets through extensive travel, I also acutely aware of the benefits of gaining a more comprehensive theoretical background to ultimately achieve my goal of starting up, or working within, a larger scale business than the one I already operate.

My other main passion in life is golf, and I have been a dedicated player for 3 years. It is my ambition to play at a professional level and I am on target to reach this goal by summer 2012. Gaining the required level has not been easy, requiring the dedication to undertake daily practice at North Weald Golf Youth Club. The hard work has paid off, however, as I have won a number of local and national tournaments. Patience, planning and the ability to handle pressure are essential, and have also helped me to achieve my ambitions within business and study. Being organised about my goals is the main factor that has allowed me to excel in study, sport and business, and it is the same time management abilities that will allow me to work to a high level throughout undergraduate study. As Captain of the junior section at my club, golf has also offered further opportunities to hone leadership and teamwork abilities, while the social aspect of the game has improved my ability to communicate with a wide range of people.

In addition to my achievements within golf, I am also a keen participant in a range of other sports. I go swimming on a weekly basis, visit the gym 3 times a week and regularly run to maintain my basic fitness. I am a keen tennis and cricket player, representing Epping Foresters and Brentwood School in the latter and being an active member of Epping tennis club. As a rounded individual, with a range of interests, I also like to indulge my creative side through music, working towards my Grade 6 in both Piano and Saxophone, reading and watching films and plays. I also use what spare time I have to add to my knowledge of business techniques through attending personal development training courses; including NLP, stock trading and internet marketing.

As an energetic, ambitious entrepreneur, and successful sportsman, I am used to setting myself tough goals and contributing the work needed to achieve them. Without dedication and attention to detail it is impossible to achieve your potential, regardless of your enthusiasm or your ability to think creatively. It is a realistic awareness of what being the best student, businessman, and golfer actually entails that has allowed me to achieve the desired results in each field and will allow me to continue working to the same standard throughout undergraduate study and into my career beyond.

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