Business Postgraduate Personal Statement 3

Sample Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

In applying to study for an MBA I am approaching the course with 16 years’ experience in financial accounting and management. I now hold the post of financial controller in Bosch Packaging Services Inc., which I joined in Derby in 2002 and which has now brought me to the United States, where I have lived for the past three years. In 2003 I gained my CIMA qualification through weekend study while working full time as well as caring for my sick father during his last illness, so that I feel that the option of distance learning is a way of attaining a degree which I know I can deal with successfully. At the same time, the President of the company I work for obtained his MBA from Leicester through distance learning and thoroughly recommended both the method and the course to me. I see an MBA as the next step in my career path, to add the latest thinking about management processes, accounting techniques and organisational behaviour to my considerable experience in the field and to support my company towards further success. I am keen to study new developments in international business methods and learn more about strategic planning, marketing, operations management, and financial control – in short, all the types of knowledge which I know will be important in a rapidly changing business environment which continues to present challenges emerging from new markets and changes in world economic conditions. An MBA would be the most valuable of professional assets, both for me in terms of career opportunity and for my company in terms of the new expertise I could bring to my work. It would allow me to progress towards the role of director of finance, and to provide financial and business advice to the company as a whole.

My present role at Bosch Packaging in North Carolina involves overseeing daily business functions in the accounting department, including financial reporting and maintaining the general ledger. I give technical support and direction to a team of nine finance staff, as well as providing detailed information to general management. I am responsible for the completion of monthly and annual financial reports as well as accounting reconciliations using SAP and Hyperion. The job also involves preparing external audit material, making project cost analyses, the calculation of commissions, setting up incentive plans, coordination of inventories, combined with the management tasks of budgeting, forecasting and long-term business planning. Prior to 2008, when I moved to the USA, I had worked in accounting for many years, firstly as an assistant, learning how to submit reports, dealing with HM Revenue and Customs, and preparing VAT reports, and later, from 2002, at Bosch, Derby, as a financial controller, preparing regular financial statements, business plans and providing other business data for management use. It is clear, I believe, that my experience and expertise in the business world, and particularly in financial matters, are considerable, and also how valuable it would be for me to take my skills and knowledge further by gaining an MBA.

I should like to progress towards the director’s role and take on more substantial management tasks, and I know that in order to do this I need the authority and professional standing which an MBA can offer. My loyalty to my company is strong, and I am eager to gain expertise which could be of value in my present post. I am hard-working and reliable as an employee and as a student. I have a persevering approach to problems, seeking success no matter how much time and effort are necessary to achieve it. I am ethical in my attitude to business and very meticulous. As a member of the executive management team I work well with others, but I have the confidence in my own judgement to be ready to challenge other members’ views if I believe the company’s best interests are in question. My commitment to my goal is total, and I hope you will consider my application.

This sample Business postgraduate personal statement should be used for inspiration to write your own personal statement for further university study.