Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

Example Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

For those of us with an academic background in business it can often be quite hard to gain a real idea of how the customers and clients that our business is attempting to target actually see us. Without communicating our ideas to the relevant groups of people outside of our business, however, we very much threaten to stagnate. The processes of business and finance with which we are so familiar already impact on the lives of everyone around the globe. It is in finding a way to connect these processes with those people who are unaware or uninterested, yet will ultimately feel their effects, that we can communicate a vision to the public and continue to grow and expand. The focused nature of a course at a prestigious university that is centred on these core issues truly excites and motivates me to undertake postgraduate study in the field.

I have already worked hard to gain grounding in the field through previous study. Having completed my Business Management MSc at the University of East Anglia, which has, in turn, led into a Business graduate diploma, I have got to grips with many of the core aspects of business and management within an academic context. Covering a wide range of knowledge, these courses have allowed me an overview of the field, while also offering grounding in the aspects of corporate communications that so interests me now. I have worked hard throughout my studies and have consistently achieved good grades, demonstrating my determination and ambition to succeed within the subject.

My time at the University of East Anglia has also given me valuable, first-hand experience of living and studying in the UK. While I am aware that studying in a second language can present specific challenges, I believe that I have shown the willingness and capability to overcome these. Having completed my International English Language Testing System course, and scoring a 6.5, I am confident when using English to complete academic work to a high level. In addition to these language skills, I am also grateful for the opportunity to gain knowledge of another culture. This has also inspired my interest in corporate communications, as the idea of communicating business ideas across cultures and languages is something I would be keen to look into further.

I am lucky to have grown up as the son of a successful businessman. Witnessing first hand the process of starting and running a successful business has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience within the field. I have found that I am able to point to specific, concrete examples from real life that support ideas explored in my academic work. I find this process extremely useful, as it makes sure that the ideas I study have a context outside of essays and textbooks. Again, corporate communications plays a role here as it demonstrates the importance of the academy continuing to communicate with the businesses that they study. This aspect of corporate communication, between businesses themselves as well as between businesses and consumers and clients, is something I find particularly fascinating. As the business world becomes increasingly globalised, making sure that you have strong lines of communication between businesses that exist in very different national and cultural contexts becomes ever more important.

I enjoy reading journals about business, including The Marketer. I find that looking outside of the peer-reviewed academic texts can ensure that I am keeping up with contemporary developments as they happen. In a fast-moving business context this is as completely essential as making sure you have a strong academic grounding in the field.

I believe my previous study of business has more than adequately prepared me to undertake further study at a prestigious institution such as your University. I have shown myself to be hardworking and focused, with the ambition and drive to become a success in my academic career and in my subsequent career in business.

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