Business Postgraduate Personal Statement 2

Sample Business Postgraduate Personal Statement

Dealing with legal, cultural and technological differences between international contexts is a necessary challenge for any firm that wishes to operate in a globalised economy. As a native of Belarus currently studying and working in the UK, I have already gained experience of the differences between international business contexts and, as someone who is passionate about where I come from, I am particularly excited at the prospect of learning more about the Central and Easter European region. I believe it to be a region with huge potential for growth and by gaining academic knowledge of the challenges that influence this development I hope to be able to play a valuable role in this process.

I am currently completing a Higher National Degree in Linguistics from Minsk State Linguistics University, the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree. Through the study of Linguistics, I have found a passion and aptitude for gaining knowledge of multiple languages and cultures. I currently speak English, Russian and Italian, and have adopted a truly international approach to both education and work that has laid an excellent foundation for the further study of comparative international contexts. I am also currently undertaking a Diploma in Hospitality Management. Alongside elements more specific to the hospitality industry, this course has offered grounding in many of the core aspects of business, such as financial accounting, leadership and management, human resources and marketing. My performance on this course, and my IELTS score of 8.0, also prove that I have the ability to undertake a high-level of study in the English language.

Alongside this study of the hospitality industry, I have also gained employment experience and expertise in the field. Taking academic leave from my Linguistics course to work and study in the UK, I have been part of the team at The Hoxton Hotel from 2007. Twice winner of the Guardian Travel Awards Best Hotel in the UK; rising through the ranks to become a duty manager at this international hotel required an acute understanding of the challenges faced by a prestigious business. Responsible for managing and supervising staff and procedures during a shift, I have gained strong communication skills, as well as knowledge of the internal workings of a successful business, complimenting my study with practical experience. Having gained this experience, I am now keen to expand my academic knowledge of international business.

I have also gained experience and knowledge of different international contexts through my extra-curricular activities. As a volunteer at the Belarus embassy I have assisted with translation and interpretation, conference organisation, project preparation, charity and international events, and general administrative duties. The international nature of this work, coupled with work I have done on several business projects, has given me a greater understanding of international business and a drive to learn more. Equally, my work with the British Council, while at Minsk State University, required that I assist students on projects on the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. This served to improve my knowledge of international affairs and alternative cultures, and drove my continuing desire to expand on this. Building on the areas in which my work, study and activities have touched upon business, I am a keen reader of related texts and try to keep up with international business developments through regularly reading The Economist.

By juggling study on multiple courses with employment, I have repeatedly shown that I am a dedicated and hardworking student. Having already focused my work and my study on gaining knowledge of multiple international business contexts, I am sure that I can translate my existing passion and experience into the successful completion of postgraduate work within the field and lay the groundwork for a successful career.

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