Business Personal Statement

Example Business Personal Statement

The business world has been important in my life from the time of my earliest memories. We have a family business, which is now in the process of being passed on to the second generation. My elder brother is the principal figure in the concern now, and my ambition is to complete a degree course in business management and then work with him to modernise and reform the firm. The change of generations is reflected in a change of management style, and I am very aware that, despite the discomfort of the more conservative older members of the family, the enterprise is in need of development and the injection of new ideas if it is to succeed in the modern world, where business practice is rapidly changing. The advent of IT has revolutionised the way that commerce is conducted, increased the speed and efficiency of transactions and given customers far greater knowledge about what they are buying and how fair prices are. At the same time the marketplace is becoming increasingly international as globalisation makes all trade increasingly transparent, and competition becomes keener. It is these new aspects of the business world that I am keen to master in a degree course. The future is very challenging, but also very exciting.

I am very aware that my knowledge and experience are limited as yet, but I hope that a course would allow me to develop the personal, planning and problem-solving skills needed to be an efficient business man. I should like to learn about financial resource management, and how accounting works, and how this affects decisions in trade. Management of human resources is very important too, and a good knowledge of human behaviour is necessary both in the workplace and in assessing the needs of customers in different parts of the world. I am interested too in the ways that analysis, planning, implementation and control contribute to successful marketing. How are growth, competitiveness and sustainability maintained in different economies, especially when a business is offering products to multi-cultural groups? Tax law and governmental policies on business are also an essential part of the training I need. I realise there is much to learn, but it is a consuming interest for me, and my commitment to the subject and the subsequent career means that these aspects of study are of the first importance.

The notion of management seems to me to be central to most human actions, which all require planning, assessment of materials needed, and time strategies. Like most things in life, business management requires clear-headedness, imagination and courage, and I believe I possess all of these qualities, as well as considerable academic ability. I make sure that I keep abreast of events, particularly in business and finance, by close attention to the daily media, and I have a fairly clear understanding of the economic problems the world faces at the moment. I appreciate the importance of the ability to work with others in an enterprise, which is why I am sure that I shall be able to work most productively with my brother in revolutionising the family firm. Modern businesses have no place for the prima donna, but it is also important to be able to show initiative, and to work unaided at times and have the confidence to trust one’s own judgement, and here too I feel sure that I have these necessary qualities.

My mother tongue is Chinese, and my English is sound and rapidly developing. I am sure that languages are an essential tool for the modern trader in an international marketplace. I am very hard-working, full of intellectual and practical curiosity (I am an avid reader), and I have a highly developed sense of responsibility. I can guarantee to give my best to a university course as well as to my proposed career afterwards, and I hope you will consider my application.

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