Business Personal Statement

Sample Business Personal Statement

In an increasingly globalised business environment the interconnected nature of our economies, and our lives, becomes ever more apparent. A deal done in the US in the morning, for example, might be affecting thousands of Chinese workers as they sleep; or vice versa. As an Iranian Jew, with a rich multicultural heritage that spreads across the globe, I am proud to consider myself an exemplar of this interconnectedness and am keen to draw upon both the varied experiences of my family in the global business community and previous study to apply the knowledge learned from these experiences to undergraduate study and, ultimately, a successful career upon graduation.

My choice to study the equally interconnected subjects of Geography, Politics and Sociology has also allowed me to draw out the links between the way in which our societies and our economies function. Geography has made me realise the current importance of multinational corporations in shaping our physical and political geography, while Politics has shown me how national legislation structures the activities of these companies in turn. Sociology has alerted me to the central place of individuals in forming these overarching systems, and the importance of attempting to understand, and predict, their behaviour for their refinement. In addition, each of these subjects has relied upon extensive, transferable study skills and research methods which are applicable within both the study and practice of business.

Eager to gain experience of the application of business theory within the real world, I have also sought out work placements across several industries. Working at London’s House of Hanover honed communication, teamwork and customer service skills, while also allowing an insight into the principles that structure the retail sector. Management and business strategies influence pricing and marketing, in an attempt to carve out a distinctive niche within and ensure the generation of profit. Gaining experience within an estate agent offered a different perspective on how these processes function in an alternative industry. Seeing how the housing market functions offered a timely example of its importance to the economy, particularly in the light of the failures in the US housing market causing the current, difficult economic situation.

In my spare time, I also like to attempt to understand the complexities of international business, reading many books, such as ‘Pricing Money’ by J.Wiseman and ‘How The West Was Lost’ by D.Moyo, and magazines, such as Time and The Economist, which deal with the current problems and shifts in the global economy. Recognizing the importance of responsibility and leadership within business, I have also worked hard to gain these attributes through fulfilling the role of Activities Officer at school; which also honed my organisational and time management skills. As a keen sportsman, playing football, tennis and regularly visiting the gym, I am aware of the importance of determination, dedication and practice to achieving set goals and am looking forward to applying this approach to undergraduate study.

Businesses play a key role in the connection between societies. As a keen student, with the ability to communicate across a number of cultures and languages, including English, Hebrew and Farsi, I am already aware of the way in which these connections shape our lives. Driven by a desire to understand the possibilities that international business holds for creating positive effects on our society, combining my existing knowledge and interests in economics, politics, society and language with further study in the field offers an excellent opportunity to increase this understanding and make a valuable contribution through undergraduate study and into my career beyond.

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