Business Personal Statement

Sample Business Personal Statement

‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’. Here, Coco Chanel demonstrates the creativity of an entrepreneur, vital to the dynamic of business. Reading about her rise to success was inspiring; igniting within me a desire to study business.

My A-level choices are an appropriate preparation for my future career in Business playing to my creative flair, good organisational skills and self-discipline. History has taught me to interpret and analyse multiple arguments and sources, English Literature has allowed me to develop an ability to express my ideas clearly and concisely, whilst Maths and Economics have developed my problem-solving and strategic thinking techniques, all of which underpin my academic endeavours. Outside the school curriculum, I am an active member of the Economics Society. I recently attended a talk by Paul Ormerod on ‘Behavioural Economics’, which motivated me to read ‘Hidden Persuaders’ by Vance Packard, enhancing my understanding of subliminal tactics used by advertisers. I was intrigued by how a subtle but simply expressed message can gain attention.

As my extra-curricular reading in the field has shown me, an efficient and effective finance department is fundamental to any successful business. I was the accountant and Assistant Managing Director for the School’s Young Enterprise Scheme, raising money for Meningitis Research. This experience offered the opportunity to combine my analytical and I.T. skills with my creative instinct, exciting me at the prospect of finding out more about the intricacies of businesses and acquiring the skills and knowledge to manage and operate in a thriving business environment. I am eager to explore international perspectives on a range of businesses, both small and large, and learn from these invaluable experiences.

I have also gained work experience within multiple business contexts. At Marks and Spencers’ Buying Department I was exposed to the pressures buyers face when formulating decisions. I realised how integral efficient I.T. systems are to lucid business functioning. My placement at Billy Bag, a smaller enterprise, further enhanced my interpersonal and communication skills as I engaged with potential buyers and contributed to the tailored customer service. In an international setting, at Diane Von Furstenburg in New York, I worked in a multi-disciplined area with a degree of independence and responsibility. This was a fast-paced firm, image was everything and attention to detail was paramount. In a competitive situation, I have won the opportunity to have three months paid work experience with Imaginox Film Company, which I am going to take up next summer. I will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes with a highly esteemed production team and be involved in future projects.

Through playing for my School’s Badminton 1st team I have developed teamwork and communication skills, which I believe are fundamental in being successful in business. Other than my academic endeavours, singing and playing violin have taught me the importance of juggling commitments and effective time-management. I have also played a significant role as a senior reporter for the town newspaper. I enjoy investigating news items and the challenge of producing a high standard of written work within short timescales. These skills have helped me to write a play and take the lead in my community drama group, performing to local primary school pupils.

I have a natural facility for business and aspire to take entrepreneurial risks and achieve success substantial success in the field. I would welcome the opportunity to build on the experiences, knowledge and skill I have already gained, in order to succeed in future study and beyond.

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