Business Management Personal Statement

Example Business Management Personal Statement

Having grown up surrounded by business I have long been inspired by the leadership exhibited by those in management. As the son of a successful businessman, I have not only observed this level of responsibility but have also been asked to accept a portion of it myself; both through work experience and through regular international travel and independent living. Particularly inspired by the prospect of combining my interests in management with my interests in new structures and techniques, including the use of Information Technology, I am driven to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to experience the same sense of achievement for myself.

As a dedicated and ambitious student, I continue working towards my goals in even the most testing circumstances. At present, this includes working with Oxford Tutorial College to retake exams, after failing to secure the grades of which I know I am capable due to personal circumstances. I was bitterly disappointed, for myself and for my family, not to achieve my academic goals first time round and am entirely determined not to experience this feeling ever again. My studies in Economics and Mathematics both have obvious applicability to Business and Management, while English Literature has improved my understanding of written and verbal communication and increased my confidence studying in the English Language.

These studies in the field have provided a theoretical underpinning for the principles of business that I have observed in operation through undertaking practical work experience. Since the age of 12, I have spent my summers working for my father’s business, beginning with manual tasks and working my way up to positions of greater responsibility. These have included strategic planning of employee social events, keeping within strict budgets, and administrative business tasks related to finance and accounting. I have an awareness of the importance of communication with all levels of staff to ensure effective, and efficient, management. Communication and teamwork have also proven to be central to the series of computer clubs set up by myself and three friends. Working closely to conceive and implement a strategic plan for growth, our successful management of these clubs has seen their number grow from just 1 to 4 at present. We take joint responsibility for all aspects of management, including sourcing capital, creating income and resolving technical issues.

As this experience demonstrates, I like to use my free time to explore my interests in business and management. Undertaking the Young Enterprise Scheme and attending regular lectures at the Oxford Union, I have gained both experience and knowledge of large and small scale business issues. I also read widely around the subject, including news media, such as The Economist, and contemporary and classic explorations of the relationship between business, economics and human psychology; from Machiavelli and Adam Smith to Joseph Stiglitz and John A. Hobson.

I am also a keen sportsman and play football and rugby, learning a great deal about determination, ambition and teamwork. My experience as an RAF cadet has also demonstrated the importance of a disciplined approach to achieving my goals, while taking part in regular debating workshops has demonstrated the importance of logical argument, improvisation and creativity in successful communication.

Having witnessed the importance of strong management and leadership in the pursuit of individual and corporate goals, I have grown into a student with the determination to acquire these skills. Having also already gained significant academic and practical experience, I believe that further study at a prestigious UK institution will offer the best possible foundation for achieving success in my future career.

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