Business Management Personal Statement 5

Example Business Management Personal Statement

Having grown up surrounded by the processes of business, thanks to observing my father’s entrepreneurial activities in the field of water purification, I have always been fascinated by the organisational complexities of running a company. When a company operates across international borders these complexities are magnified and offers even greater challenges and rewards for those who fully understand them. Having proven myself a capable and engaged student with well-honed leadership potential, I am now aiming to enhance these abilities through study at a prestigious, internationally-focused university, that I may achieve my ultimate goal of running a business in the future.

I have already begun my journey towards understanding what I have observed in real life in academic terms by studying towards a foundation course in Business. This has been an excellent way to get a broad overview of the various elements of the field, from management structures to finance, and has laid the groundwork to gain a more in depth knowledge in the future. I firmly believe in attempting to become as well rounded a student of business as is possible, both through study and experience, which is why I have chosen to apply for an internationally focused course in the UK. By studying, living and working across multiple international contexts, I will be giving myself the best possible introduction to life within an increasingly globalised economy and will be well versed to translate those skills into the workplace after graduation.

While I am aware that this will offer a range of unique challenges, not least those related to studying in a different language, I am convinced that I have the ability and determination to overcome them where necessary. I am studying English and would be keen to add to this in the future by studying Spanish and Russian.

My determination to succeed in the world of business not only comes form my family background, however, but also originates from the work experience and extra-curricular activities I have undertaken. Having worked in a local coffee shop from the age of 18 I have learnt to be dedicated in pursuit of my goals, having worked my way from dishwasher to a customer service position. I have also learnt financial responsibility and forward planning in this role, as I have saved up my earnings to afford things that I have needed to continue my studies, such as a laptop.

While this work experience has helped to hone teamwork skills and shown me the value of listening to superiors when learning new tasks, I have also found that I am something of a natural born leader. Having fulfilled the role of class Vice-President and President during middle school and Director of the school student council during high school, I have gained the ability to communicate with staff and students to ensure a good educational experience for all, as well as the allocation of scarce budgets.

My mother has also proven something of an inspiration to me through her social work, and I like to combine the values of leadership and responsibility I have gained through work experience and school life to help her with voluntary projects. I have assisted at nursing homes and orphanages; as well as counselling troubled children closer to my own age. I have gained a real sense of reward from making a positive contribution to the lives of others and this is something I would like to extend into my future career, always being mindful of corporate responsibility.

I am a dedicated and hardworking student who always pushes myself to achieve the goals that I have set. Having gained a strong sense of the possibilities of international business throughout my life, I would relish the chance to bring this attitude to bear on further study within this field and set the groundwork for a long and successful career in international business.

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