Business Management Personal Statement 4

Sample Business Management Personal Statement

Growing up with a father in business, I spent my free time working in his caf or shop from childhood and have always been aware of the demands and rewards of this type of work. My father has been a considerable influence on my life, and his story is inspiring: from nothing, he created two successful businesses through hard work and life experience. His proudest achievement- joining the League of Restaurants – motivated me to seek to open my own restaurant in future, building upon the lessons I learned from his business and my own drive to excel and achieve highly. Inspired by my mother’s Greek heritage, I wish to one day open a Greek restaurant alongside maintaining my father’s business, and make myself and my family proud while achieving professional success and fulfilment.

During my school studies in Russia I was drawn to logical subjects including Economics and Data Handling, which developed my numerical and analytical abilities. I worked part time for my father alongside my education, and found balancing my commitments challenging initially; yet I gained good exam results alongside honing skills in 5 languages, including fluency in Russian, English and Greek. I am currently studying at college in the UK and my communication skills have immensely improved in adapting to my new surroundings: for 2 years I have been a class representative at our student forum, where I help advocate for student rights and college improvements, and I have found a strong sense of leadership which I believe will make me an effective manager in future. Organisation and a lateral approach will be crucial skills in my chosen career, and in my current role organising a Christmas talent show at college, I have taken pride in applying these to the task. I am also a member of Young Enterprise, acting as Marketing and Human Resources Director, which has imparted knowledge of planning, losses, profits and team structures. This experience has deepened my desire to pursue Management at a higher level and employ my natural abilities in a real environment. Alongside my varied endeavours, I read the Financial Times regularly, as well as Federation of Small Business publications to increase my understanding of SMEs in the current marketplace. I subscribe to Bloomberg Business Week and enjoy the Small Business Blogs, which place new business events in context and offer commentary from within the field on issues such as the business lending market. Through studying the background and implications of new trends in business management on my degree, I hope to act in future with an informed and resourceful perspective.

I am passionate about charities and have worked since 2010 at a local charity shop, supporting local children with terminal illness. Meeting new people and interacting with my colleagues daily developed my ability to adapt my communication styles and I was entrusted with significant responsibility for cash and logistics. I have also modelled in a charity fashion show for UNICEF’S Fund for Japan, a singularly rewarding experience which I enjoyed particularly due to my love of performing. I have been dancing competitively since the age of 5, winning first place in the Russian Championship and representing my country in the World Dancing Championship in 2010. Most recently I won 2nd place in a UK contest and intend to continue with my passion, as dancing has had an unparalleled effect on my teamwork skills, self-confidence, mental agility, and ability to perform under pressure.
The recent FSB findings on small /medium sized enterprises in the UK spoke for themselves: these account for 99% of all enterprise and almost 50% private sector turnover. Effective management is key in driving enterprise forward and I wish to study a degree in Business Management which reflects this and explores problem solving, opportunity development and the other competencies which a modern businessperson must possess, in order to fulfil my dream.

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