Business Management Personal Statement 3

Sample Business Management Personal Statement

I am hardworking and fast -learning, easily adaptable motivated by challenges. I am a good leader but also enjoy working as a team member I have always been interested in business, finance and economics. My interest dates back as far as childhood because both of my parents are business minded therefore I frequently had the opportunity to engage in business and develop an intrinsic understanding for it.

I demonstrated this ability for business in a crisis in May 2008 in the Sichuan Province, China. After an earthquake hit (measuring a magnitude of 8.0Ms and 7.9 Mw.) This earthquake left 4.8 million people homeless. My mother’s factory was called upon for an emergency mission by local government authorities to deliver 10000 blankets in 24 hours. The labour shortage meant this was difficult. I devised a plan to allow all my classmates to offer assistance as volunteers. I also I posted a notice on Red Cross Society website notifying people of the urgent need for volunteers. The numbers were attained I also organised the factory by creating sections for example folding, packing, binning, checking. The mission went smoothly was completed ahead of schedule. Here, I demonstrated the ability to act quickly under pressure and deliver results in a methodical manner. I also learnt the need to be able to communicate with people.

Further experience as a sales assistant in 2011 in a department store for textile brand Mingzhen taught me the basic economics. After the First day, I was able to finish 10 working hours having reached double the sales amount compared to that of a normal sales clerk. I then changed my selling technique by concentrating on bigger products in order to gain more profit. . Consequently, my total amount of sales increased to triple my original sales. The customers were happy and satisfied about my efforts and I showcased my skills in business.

I have also shown my academic strength in modules relating to this degree in Corporate Finance and Quantitative Method by good results and consistent achievements. Corporation was completed during my first term of my second year and I completed both corporation finance 1 and 2 with grade A. During the study I realised the significance of finance in business and it encouraged me want to learn how to use those theories in practical application.

I enjoy the logical, methodical aspects of business and finance as my chosen subject. In particular, my strengths are in adopting a mathematical approach. My interest in finance is obvious, I enjoy reading around the subject, with books such as The world is flat: the globalized world in the twenty-first century, Thomas L, Friedman but also believe that in order for success in business you need to possess skills more than just academic understanding. I see the necessity for motivation, hard work, excellent social skills and even carefully managed risks. This is what motivates me to further learn and strengthens my desire to be professionally involved in a business career.

I am planning to go to university in order to obtain a bachelor degree in business studies. This degree in Business management is the one I am most interested in because of my ability and because I consider it to be the best platform to showcase my skill set, as there is a wide range of subjects, which adhere to my area of my interest. My ultimate goal after the degree and postgraduate education is to work within a financial institution to cement my knowledge. Following this, I would like to own a lucrative consulting company focusing on risk management.

In my spare time, I am an avid artist and enjoy painting interesting scenes. In particular, I like to observe urban areas where there are people in different or difficult situations that can be observed and recorded. I also enjoy reading and further learning. I like The Long Tail, Christ Anderson and the Harmonic Elliot Wave, R.N. Elliot and think that painting and reading further my development in analysis and observation.

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