Business Management Personal Statement 2

Example Business Management Personal Statement

Shortly after I began a stint as a Risk Management trainee at a major bank, I knew that I wanted to study Business Management. The thrilling experience of responsibility and the cut and thrust of international business convinced me that I wish to hold a management position in a multi-national corporation. Studying Business Management at degree level, with its varied curriculum, would allow me to discover which division of management best suits my skill set.

To prepare myself for the degree course, I have read widely on the subject and discussed issues of business with my uncle who is an international property developer. As a result of my reading and conversations, I am particularly looking forward to studying modules on international business and Human Resources management.

I discovered I had a head for business in my first year of the BTEC in Business and Finance, when I gained a distinction and developed a particular talent for marketing and communications. This success came after a very challenging year in which I underwent a serious operation that disrupted my A-Level studies, although against the odds I still managed to complete the year. As a result of that difficult experience I re-assessed my priorities and decided business would better fit my skills and interests. The three-sixty turnaround paid off and I have completely recovered from the setback and I am now predicted a distinction for my final year of the BTEC.

During my first year of study, I was gifted the opportunity to work as a Risk Management Trainee at the British Arab Commercial Bank. I worked closely with other members of the risk department on IT security assignments, credit limit research and highly sensitive money laundering prevention programmes. The sensitive nature of the work gave me a taste for responsibility while the jumping around between one project and another made me versatile and able to switch gear at a moment’s notice, qualities which I am sure will be of great use when I come to take the varied modules of the degree.

Since last year, I have also spent my weekends working as a telephone researcher for the market research giant, TNS. I conduct interviews with the directors of companies across the world, work which requires me to speak clearly and confidently with senior professionals and to be persuasive, as many executives are very busy and reluctant to give out business-sensitive information.

I have further enhanced such leadership qualities outside of the workplace. Last year, I was my college’s Equality and Diversity Officer. I regularly met with the college’s principal and engaged in debates to represent disadvantaged students of the college and to ensure their needs were met. Outside of my official capacity, I meet twice weekly with students experiencing learning difficulties to offer my support and encouragement. The experience has taught me how to motivate people facing difficulties and how to restore their belief in themselves.

My commitment and hard work for the college have not gone unnoticed and this year I have been elected the college’s student governor. I am tasked with representing the interests of all students to the management team of the college and I attempt to influence the college’s policies so that they better reflect the interests of its students. The role calls for exceptional organisational and leadership skills and these are things I would like to develop further in a similar capacity when I enter university. Apart from student politics, I should also like to join and help manage the university’s running team. I am an active member of Ealing Eagles running club and I have greatly enjoyed running as part of a team in weekly training sessions and charity runs.

I hope that by having such a broad range of commitments at university, I shall be able to develop the personal qualities, as well as the academic ones, needed to fill a position of great responsibility within the management team of a global organisation.

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