Business and Politics Personal Statement

Business and Politics Personal Statement Example

Anyone who pays attention to current affairs cannot fail to realise the importance of the interwoven worlds of legislation and business. Constant shifts, such as the increasing economic importance of China or the varying economic stability of African states, demonstrate a variation, based on the interaction between business, law and politics that will make for exciting and essential, study. Connecting the theory with its impact in real life also ensures those of us with the inclination to study these fields do so in the shared hope that we may make a positive impact on our world.

My fascination with these interconnected disciplines has driven my studies throughout my schooling. I have always been comfortable with subjects that encourage a methodical approach to problem solving and involve some element of mathematics; winning the Mathematician of the Term award twice. Equally, I have indulged my artistic side through Media Studies and Psychology, increasing my understanding of human behaviour and my ability to use research and communication creatively.

There is no substitute for hands on experience, however, when one is hoping to understanding the complex legal and economic structures of business. To this end, I have gained work experience in the Insolvency Service Office in Birmingham, undertaking general administrative work. This offered an in-depth understanding of bankruptcy and insolvency procedures, complimenting my previous understanding based on my father’s work within this field. It also provided valuable experience of conducting general office work and a realisation of the importance of managing personal and business finances through witnessing the personal impact of insolvency. I have also undertaken paid work in the retail sector in a shop selling dresses for formal events. Alongside the teamwork and communication skills that allowed me to foster good relationships with customers and colleagues, I also found gaining an understanding of how a small business works a useful demonstration of the practical application of theory. I have drawn on these organisational and communication skills in my creative endeavours; helping to produce a short film, as well as write and act in it. Taking responsibility for heading up the creative team, I was hugely proud when our film, Shadow Play, was selected for inclusion in the London Short Film Festival.

In my spare time, I am a keen traveller and am fascinated by the interaction between cultures. Spending a week at the UN HQ in Geneva showed me the incalculable value of gaining an understanding and respect for other cultures and the incredible work that goes on there. I am keen to undertake further travelling throughout my life and learn more about different cultures and languages so that I may more effectively communicate within a role in international business. I also like to play a positive role within my local community, and have volunteered at a school and undertaken numerous fundraising events for charities that are close to my heart; including The Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan, Children In Need and the Mary Stevens Hospice. When I have time, I also like to keep fit through dance and exercise.

Throughout my studies, my work experience and my travels, I have been continually inspired by the potential that understanding the place of business and law within all of our lives has for shaping our futures. Whether it is through alleviating the personal tragedy of insolvency or grappling with global politics at the UN, the interactions between economics and legislation offer potential avenues for creating a better world. Through gaining a greater understanding of both during undergraduate study, I hope to play my part in shaping the future of our society as well as shaping my own academic and professional career.

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