Business and Finance Personal Statement

Example Business and Finance Personal Statement

The world of business is dynamic and constantly changing, offering exciting and rewarding opportunities every day to those who are willing and able to take them. However, to succeed in business it is essential to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. If you don’t have the skills, they will pass you by, or even worse, backfire on you completely. I want to study a Masters that equips me for this world and gives me the competitive edge to succeed. I am highly motivated to gain expertise in the fundamental pillars of the business world, such as marketing theories, organization management and business strategy. I am also aware that as we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century, it is more important than ever for people in the business world to rid themselves of parochial, insular outlooks and embrace the international nature of modern business. As a result, I am eager to be involved in a business and management-related Masters that has a strong international focus.

I have been interested in business and finance for many years. In my spare time I like to read various publications related to the business world in an effort to help me understand its complexities and keep me updated on current developments. In particular, I like to read the business section of The Times on a daily basis. I believe that a career in business management will suit my personality, as I am a hard worker who likes to work as part of a team, I am very thorough in my approach to work and I am not afraid to make difficult decisions.

I am currently completing my third year of study at Swansea University. I have enjoyed the cultural experience of studying in a new country, and I believe that studying at a British university has provided me with the skills to succeed on a Master’s course here, not to mention given me a better understanding of the British economy and society, knowledge that I feel will one day prove to be invaluable during my business career. In my spare time I enjoy playing basketball, reading and listening to music, and I am also a passionate traveller who is keen to see the world. In fact, I hope a career in business will give me opportunities to visit new places and meet new people; I feel that the business world can help us to grow as people as well as reward us financially.

I have prepared for postgraduate study in the business field through doing a work placement at Lude Medical Equipment Company this summer. This work placement has shown me what a fascinating and complex place the business world is, as well as making it clear to me that proper training and a respected management qualification would improve my ability to fulfil my potential in this field. During my work placement I worked as an Assistant Marketing Manager. I was given the important responsibility of collecting and collating marketing data, as well as carrying out data analysis. I was also involved in overseeing the company’s market research. The role therefore gave me a much better understanding of how marketing is carried out and how marketing decisions are made, and also made me much more interested in the role that marketing plays in the successful running of a company.The experience built on the knowledge of marketing I had already gained from my participation in student youth enterprise initiatives.Once I have completed the Masters I plan to gain further work experience in a range of companies, before one day progressing to setting up my own business.

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