Business and Finance Personal Statement

Example Business and Finance Personal Statement

Having been fascinated by finance and economics for a number of years, I have become particularly intrigued by the unique position of the Chinese economy. An idiosyncratic economic model that simultaneously exhibits a rapidly rising GDP with a low GDP per capita within a highly regulated market, China presents distinct challenges to both domestic and foreign investors. Through dedicated, detailed study of such elements as Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Valuations and Entrepreneurial Finance, I aim to continue growing my knowledge of the way in which these areas relate to the Chinese economy in order that I may ultimately offer advice and guidance on these issues in an analyst role within the international banking sector.

While my previous study of Engineering played to my strengths in the application of mathematical principles, I soon realised that my true passion lay with business and finance. This, combined with some significant family problems, meant that I did not perform as well as I could have in this course. Despite this, I demonstrated both commitment and ability by successfully completing the course, before going on to pursue my overarching interests as a postgraduate. Currently undertaking an MSc in Mathematical Finance at the University of Birmingham I have realised my true potential as a student and am predicted a distinction.

As my academic interests and future career aspirations have aligned I have also worked hard to gain both practical work experience in, and additional academic knowledge of, the field. As a student trainee in Global Banking and Markets with HSBC I have gained a year’s work experience on the Equity and Equity Derivatives Trading Desk. This has enabled me to get to grips with the systems through which the economic principles I have studied are applied. This includes: developing and programming skills for risk management and trading strategy; implementation of new products, such as CBBC, Warrant, ETF and Stock Option; coordinating and supervising staff from a range of international backgrounds.

I have also undertaken a number of additional training courses in the field, including the Citibank University Banking Course. This involved comprehensive lessons giving an overview of each department and culminated in exams and an accessed presentation. I followed this with the Prudential Young Financial Planner Internship, which encompassed regular workshops and training sessions with talented financial planners covering client communications and the writing of financial proposals. As these experiences demonstrate, I am always looking to improve my knowledge of the field wherever possible. This is why I have also committed to passing the FRM and CFA Level 1 exams in 2012, in order that I may continue to develop my knowledge of the way in which the theoretical economics I encounter can be applied within real world situations. Once I have completed my postgraduate studies I would be keen to continue learning as I work and believe that I will be extremely grateful for the theoretical framework I have gained that will allow me to achieve full qualification in these areas more quickly. I also enjoyed taking part in the Student Traders Trophy Competition, which was organised by Barclay’s Capital and ICM and allowed me to gain even more practical experience of trading within a competitive environment.

While I am aware that choosing to study in a foreign country and in a second language is never the easy option, I believe that I have demonstrated my ability to do so effectively. Having completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Birmingham, I am now more convinced that ever that studying in a vibrant international atmosphere is the best preparation for a career in the increasingly globalised world of business. I have always embraced international study and have graduated from the Cambridge International Summer School, majoring in English Literature, and the International Summer School at Heidelberg, majoring in German and German Culture and achieving the highest mark in the cohort. I have also undertaken the Critical Thinking Assessment at the Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research USA, in Hong Kong. This is the most internationally recognised critical thinking assessment and successfully completing this has increased my confidence in the fact that I can adapt to any educational context. While this demonstrates my ability to live, work and study across multiple language and cultural contexts, I found that one of the most rewarding elements of these experiences was the opportunity to communicate with students from more than 46 countries. This international aspect has always been an important element of my university experience and I would relish the opportunity to continue in an environment that attracts the best students and staff from a vast range of countries.

My own experiences of, and passion for, international study have also led to me becoming highly involved in all elements of student life to try and ensure that others have access to the same positive experiences. As an outgoing, friendly individual I have regularly engaged with existing and prospective students at all institutions at which I have studied. I represented Hong Kong universities on a Shanghai Expo Study Tour and led a group of students on the Singapore Corporate Social Responsibility Study Tour, for which I achieved the Shaw College Leadership Scholarship. Currently, I am also the MSc student representative for Mathematical Finance, which involves consulting with staff and students to ensure the best quality experience for all.

In my spare time I enjoy reading around my subject and keeping up to date with current affairs. I regularly read the Financial Times and particularly interested in the differences between the rhetoric of Chinese growth in the Western media and the reality. I consider the constant reiteration of increasing GDP to be little more than ‘marketing’ for an idea of the Chinese economy which bears little relation to the reality. It is my ultimate hope that, by enhancing my knowledge of the theory and reality of both Chinese and Western economies, I will be able to successfully consult those who trade between them within my career.

As a dedicated and hardworking student I have proven the ability to overcome adversity in pursuit of my goal. Having discovered these qualities within myself, I am now ambitious and single-minded about achieving the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to carve out a successful career in Business and Finance. Gaining a postgraduate qualification from such a prestigious university will not only lay an excellent groundwork for future work and study, such as completing my FRM and CFA exams and potentially becoming chartered as an actuary, it also offers the sort of rounded, thorough international approach to the subject that encourages the sort of in depth and pertinent analysis that allows one to make a truly international impact on the field.

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