Business and Finance Personal Statement 3

Example Business and Finance Personal Statement

Having pursued an educational course that has combined creative thinking with strong analytical problem solving skills and attention to the practical concerns of business, I have seen, first hand, how understanding finance and business is essential to success in any field. This, coupled with the central place that finance occupies in the lives and careers of many of my family members, has meant that a growing fascination with investment management has inspired a sustained and ambitious return to academia; in order to gain understanding and bring this knowledge to a career in fund management.

After utilising my transferable study skills to gain a strong 2:1 degree in Interior Architecture, work experience in the industry made me quickly aware that I felt a more sustained passion for the more business-related aspects of my role. Returning to academic to apply this passion to my degree in Business Management – Finance from the University of Westminster has allowed me to gain a strong grounding in all aspects of business and accounting, including; Corporate Finance, Quantative Finance, Modern Financial Services and Financial Strategy. My dedication to my subject, reflected in my extra-curricular reading of such related materials as The Economist and The Financial Times, has allowed me to gain equally strong results in this second undergraduate degree and I anticipate graduating with a high 2:1.

One does not make the decision to swap academic disciplines, and careers, lightly and I conducted a great deal of thorough research before choosing to return to university and commit to the study of finance long term. In preparation for taking the next step into postgraduate study, I have attended a range of open days and spoken to many academics and tutors about pursuing the study of investment. I have enjoyed learning about securities management; risk management and financial statement analysis throughout my degree and am inspired to gain the tools necessary to become a success in the field of investment and fund management. Perhaps more importantly, I have also gained a sense of the global impact and importance of these financial processes and am keen to fully understand them that I may ultimately return to my native Syria and impact upon the financial policy of my home country.

I have been a volunteer for the Red Cross in Syria, having undertaken administrative office duties and planned and implemented programs to reach vulnerable members of the population. This has allowed me to gain strong organisational, analytical and planning skills within an environment where each decision has a very real and potentially life-saving impact. This has not only given me a taste of working well under pressure but has also motivated me to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to address the country’s problem on a national, rather than an individual level, by becoming involved in financial policy.

While my route into the academic study of, and hopefully a future career in, finance has been unconventional, I believe that this has allowed me to gain a broader awareness of the place of finance in business and society. It has also demonstrated my commitment to gaining the specific knowledge necessary, such as undertaking the GMAT his summer on completion of my studies. Working towards my ultimate goal of turning my passion for finance into a solid career through postgraduate study at a prestigious UK institution is a thoroughly exciting prospect. Being surrounded by equally passionate fellow students from all over world who, like me, have their individual experiences and skills to bring to the discussion will, I am sure, create the stimulating intellectual environment that my passion for the subject requires.

This sample Business and Finance personal statement can be used as a helpful guide to writing an excellent personal statement to progress on to university study.