Business and Finance Personal Statement 2

Sample Business and Finance Personal Statement

Having observed and participated in basic double entry book keeping for my father’s business, I have grown up aware of the importance of accurate business administration. As the global financial crisis demonstrates, this same accuracy and careful accounting is just as important to the wellbeing of international markets as it is to smaller, individual businesses. Finding intellectual satisfaction in this methodical, mathematical approach and realising the positive impact that it can have on our world motivates me to pursue further study, that I might understand the effects of finance at all levels.

I have always been drawn to mathematics. In addition to my strong grades in the subject, I also attended an International Maths Olympiad to test my abilities against others. Studying Psychology and English, on the other hand, have enhanced my ability to communicate and my understanding of human behaviour; the basis of economics.

When considering the application of the mathematical principles I have studied within business, there is no substitute for hands-on experience. To this end, I have undertaken a week’s work experience, at branch and Head Office level, for Santander. This offered an excellent opportunity to observe banking at all levels; from cashiering to data analysis. It also demonstrated the importance of teamwork and communication within such a large organisation and the role of strong management in achieving this. Having regularly undertaken business administration tasks as a weekend job for Ravi Solicitors, it was particularly interesting to gain additional experience of law through shadowing 2 barristers for a 3 week period. This experience also allowed me to encounter many aspects of financial law, offering a broader picture of the way in which these fields are intertwined that will aid my understanding in the future.

I also read widely around the subject to familiarise myself with both current affairs and established arguments. I read The Weekly, The Economist and The Financial Times, as well as dipping in to more in depth texts on specific aspects, such as Microeconomics by Robert H. Frank. The web is now an excellent source of up-to-the-minute information, and I make sure to check the Accounting blog at the tutor2u website on a regular basis. Keen to learn more about the application of what I have read about within the real world, I have also attended a Business and Finance conference at IBM, featuring numerous speakers from high profile companies.

In my free time, I like to make a positive contribution to my community through both volunteering and sport. Being an animal lover, I have regularly raised money for the Dog’s Trust, worked in a PDSA charity shop and volunteered at an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka, which also involved working with local, underprivileged children. Passionate about my Tamil heritage, I also used my captaincy of a local netball team to raise money for Sri Lankan orphans. In order to get this project off the ground I had to apply for funding from the Harrow Youth Fund; my successful application inspiring them to ask me to join the panel as a judge. The leadership and teamwork skills needed to fulfil this role have been honed through my position as an elected member of the School Council and as a member of the Sea Cadet core. To relax, I am also a keen musician and dancer and am currently working towards grades in cello and the classical Indian dance form of bharatanatyam.

That business and finance shape our world is more apparent now than ever before. By supplementing my existing knowledge and experience in these fields through further study, I hope to achieve my ultimate goal of playing a valuable role in this macroeconomic process in future.

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