Business and Accounting Personal Statement

Example Business and Accounting Personal Statement

Excellent academic history, strong interest in the business and financial markets and drive to succeed in the fast paced commercial world we live in – I hope to achieve a professional qualification in business and accounting. Naturally adept at working with math, economics and business operations, I wish to further understand how the interplay of these factors affects society. Determination, enthusiasm and diligence are qualities I hold, to achieve academic and career goals.

I am currently undertaking Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) course, London. This course provides structured guidance in finance administration, double-entry bookkeeping, costing principles, purchase, sales and general ledgers, petty cash transactions, maintenance and reconciliation of cash book and knowledge of the UK banking system. These are based on real accounting case studies, where I am able to apply methods and concepts to future course assignments and job roles. This vocational course provides practical lessons, in which I wish to advance with higher education. I wish to be in a position to develop the future of banking and financial institutions.

Having studied Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), I have gained a firm background in business functions and their interconnection. This course has highlighted my strengths in accounting and financial management. Analysing and interpreting data, financial and accounting forecasting, and strategic insight are areas in which I enjoy and wish to develop.

I am currently a Bookkeeper in a chartered accounting firm, London. This role has reaffirmed my career goals in business, accounting and IT. I am fully aware that business and accounting are highly reliant on modern information technology. My computing and programming skills are incredibly useful when analysing data and preparing reports. I am responsible for inputting data, maintaining records and VAT preparation. These tasks require a high level of attention to detail, data analysis and problem solving skills. Gaining an understanding of how a professional accountancy works, I am keen to become a professionally qualified accountant.

As a Customer Relations Officer, I gained a range of interpersonal skills, applicable to university and work life. Having a deep knowledge of insurance and claims has allowed me to fully appreciate how corporate entities work, and how clients can win or lose claims. This role has given me insight in to how the insurance industry works. Liaising with a range of customers, I learned the importance of building rapport, understanding and careful investigation skills to build a complete file of facts. With experience, I was responsible for training juniors in various products, services and IT processes. This required a high level of communication skills, team work and analysis.

Within business, it is important to be confident, proactive and willing to take on challenges. During school, I lead the interschool drama competition, requiring organisation and motivational skills. As part of the Drug Prevention Unit, I was actively involved in raising awareness of the risks of drugs. This was an empowering position, where I was able to assist vulnerable fellows with struggles, testing my strength of character in difficult situations. Playing table tennis and badminton are sports which help me relax, which is important in high pressured roles. I am a dedicated, enthusiastic and hardworking individual, committed to achieving my career goals.

Having gained a certain level of business education, work experience in the financial sector and personal skills in math and IT, I wish to further my knowledge and experience in accounting principles, concepts and frameworks within business. Living and studying IELTS in the UK gives me the confidence to succeed at this university. I believe this business, accounting and information technology course is the next step for me to become management and commerce.

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