Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Sample Biomedical Personal Statement

I have always been interested in human biology and the way in which the body functions, ever since I would pretend to be a doctor as a child. My interest has sharpened over the years, partially through study but also through a growing awareness of the huge potential that understanding these processes has for good.

Alongside my academic interests in the fields of biology and medicine, I have also worked hard to gain experience of the application of this knowledge in the real world. I have explored the diversity of Biomedical Science through work experience in various related fields, including two weeks working in a practice specialising in endodontics. This demonstrated both the knowledge needed to work in any aspect of medical care and research, as every specialist must also have a holistic understanding of the human body. Work experience at Northwick Park Hospital demonstrated the need for this understanding when working as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Observing doctors in the maxillofacial ward, in particular, demonstrated the need to find ways to address the professional needs of the staff to allow them to address the medical needs of the patients. Beginning to consider the improvements that can be brought about by continued research throughout these placements made me aware of the vast medical research community that is also an integral part of the system.

One of the benefits of working within medical research is the emotionally rewarding nature of the work. I have experienced this throughout my extensive volunteering and greatly enjoy playing a role within my community. I have volunteered in a care home for the elderly and raised funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care, allowing me to make a contribution and to experience additional aspects of the healthcare industry. I have also volunteered to do science experiments with disadvantaged children, spreading my passion for the subject to those less fortunate and reinforcing my own understanding of scientific principles through communicate them. I have been volunteering with the Farsaphone Association since 2008, supporting my interests in my own Iranian culture through event organisation and management.

In my spare time, I also like to explore my interests in science and medicine, through attending lectures and symposia, such as the Young Scientist’s Symposium in 2009; as well as relevant exhibitions and events, such as Dr Gunther Von Hagens ‘Body Worlds’. I am a keen sportsman, playing tennis, captaining my football team, being involved with my local horse riding club, swimming regularly and learning traditional Azeri dance. The leadership and focus that I have displayed throughout these activities has led to me being awarded the Sports Leaders UK level 1 award and the Community Sport Leader level 2 award. Teamwork, communication and taking ultimate responsibility for your own performance are all valuable lessons, learnt through sport, which will stand me in good stead throughout undergraduate study.

I have balanced study, work, sporting and voluntary commitments throughout my schooling, demonstrating the time management skills to allow me to perform to the same high standard in each. This is helped by the fact that all of these passions share a common through line; exhibiting a fundamental desire to improve the local, national and, ultimately, global community. Combining this goal with my natural aptitude for, and interests in, scientific research points to Biomedical Science as the perfect fit for my skills and experience and the best opportunity to make this dream a reality.

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