Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Example Biomedical Science Personal Statement

Anyone who has cared for a loved one experiencing long term, chronic illness, as I have, will appreciate that Biomedical Science’s goal of researching solutions to these problems offers the potential to positively influence millions of lives. Combine this with the intellectually rewarding nature of a fast-paced, ever changing discipline and studying Biomedical Science becomes an exciting, inspiring proposition for those of us with the correct combination of aptitude, interests and passion.

Throughout my education I have battled against the often sexist assumptions that characterise certain attitudes within my community. As many people believe that there is no need to educate women, I have had to work to gain access to educational courses and to achieve the best results once I have done so. I am currently studying an Access to Life Science qualification and am finding the grounding that this offers in the biological sciences endlessly fascinating. I am a dedicated student, who always pushes myself to achieve the best possible results and to make sure that I have the knowledge and experience I need. Fluent or competent in a number of languages, I have also worked hard to ensure that I have the necessary command of English to undertake undergraduate level study in the UK, passing an Edexcel Adult English course.

While gaining access to education is hugely important to me, I have also found that work experience has broadened my knowledge. Having undertaken voluntary, part-time work in Boots healthcare department, I have progressed to become a permanent member of staff. Helping to dispense medicines, and the responsibility that this involved, demonstrated the importance of understanding the products that you are handing to customers, their effects and the differences between them. Progressing from part-time customer service to becoming a Pharmacy Dispenser proved that I have what it takes to take in medical knowledge within a work, as well as an educational, context.

Whenever I return to Africa I try to put this knowledge to good use by volunteering at a local surgery; dispensing medicine and advice. I have also learnt First Aid, through St. John’s Ambulance, and find great satisfaction in transmitting this knowledge to my community. I enjoy helping others and gain great pleasure from assisting people with medical problems, English skills or playing with the local children. One of my motivations for studying Biomedical Science is to make a similarly positive impact on the lives of others.

Having cared for my mother for a number of years, I have witnessed first-hand the impact that these disciplines can have. Accompanying her to hospital to get blood tests and keeping track of the medication that she requires has always inspired me to research further into her condition whenever possible. I have already looked into various aspects of Biomedical Science, such as Genetics, to find explanations for her condition.

Despite my family’s reservations, I have discovered a passion for education and have involved myself in the academic community whenever possible. As elected School Representative at Lambeth College, it was my job to liaise between students and staff and resolve issues or problems. Aware of the importance of education, I took this role and its accompanying responsibilities seriously and performed it to the best of my abilities. I also enjoy supplementing my knowledge in my spare time through a wide range of reading and am a keen sportswoman; enjoying tennis, cycling and horse riding.

I have proven to be a hardworking and dedicated student, who has managed to gain academic and professional experience against significant odds. It is this determination and passion that will continue to drive me throughout undergraduate study and into a career in biomedical research, allowing me to make a real impact in the field.

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