Biology Personal Statement

Sample Biology Personal Statement

From an early age, I have been fascinated by everything connected to Medicine, Biology and Science, always trying to find out how living organisms work, what causes them to fail and how they can be fixed. Following a degree I would love to pursue a career in medicine or research and it is my ultimate ambition to become a doctor or biological scientist.

I am an academically able candidate, having been awarded a Diploma for achieving the highest attainable average grade (1.0). I have a natural affinity for science and numbers – I have won my school’s Maths Olympiad twice and took part in a physics state competition. At school my favourite subject is Biology, particularly genetics. I achieved an excellent grade for my high school thesis on humans and viruses and won an ecology competition organised by my town. I have chosen Biology, Chemistry and English as my final year options to fully prepare me for a Health and Biomedical Sciences degree in the UK. Throughout the past I have also attended numerous Biology and Chemistry seminars, which have provided like-minded students with an opportunity to discuss interesting biological and medical issues. A particularly interesting event involved a discussion on the evolving face of virology.

During my sixth year, I spent a year in the US as an exchange student, where I was awarded the Academic Achievement Plaque and the District 155 Certificate of Recognition. Whilst there I helped ‘Interact’, the school humanitarian club by assisting with the food pantry, fundraisers. This year spent alone in a completely different culture made me stronger and more independent than I was before. My English improved dramatically and I learnt how to solve my problems by myself and how to be responsible, whilst forming close friendships. I was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations.

This experience has confirmed my desire to study at a university abroad, now that I know I will rise to the challenge of living and working in a foreign country. The UK has a long tradition of providing a world-class quality of education, which I would love to take part in.

My excellent time management skills have enabled me to balance consistently string academic performance, including awards for representation of my school, with a range of extra-curricular pursuits. I have attended courses at the Hubbard college of Administration on communication, dealing with parents and being a successful manager. These have given me a new perspective on my life and the people around me and helped me to improve my empathy, listening, motivational and management skills. In my free time, I have many hobbies. I love reading books, watching TV and socialising with friends. I have played the piano for seven years and sang in the school chorus. I also love travelling to other countries and sports. I play tennis twice a week, cycle every two days and ski every weekend during the winter. I am a very diligent, responsible and prudent student with qualities that will allow me to succeed at undergraduate level and reach my full potential. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application, I look forward to hearing from you.

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