Biology Personal Statement

Sample Biology Personal Statement

A keen interest in Mathematics and Science subjects led me to concentrate on these disciplines at school and college and ultimately to develop an ambition to study for a degree in Biomedical Sciences. The sciences generally attract me because of their immediate relevance to our lives, in the way they inform the technology that has brought such advances in how we live and particularly in human health and the analysis and treatment of the illnesses that have troubled mankind throughout history. I love laboratory work and the real sense of discovery it is possible to feel working there. It was in the lab that I began to understand the sheer complexity of the human body and its workings, the miracle of DNA, the organisms and micro organisms that coexist with the body or colonise it and the chemical reactions and processes which allow it to perform all its functions. This is why Biomedical Science interests me so much. I enjoy biochemistry, the exploration of the basic building blocks of macromolecules such as amino acids, sugars and nucleotides, and the ways these molecules adapt and vary. I am interested in metabolic pathways, the ways that enzymes control metabolism and the rates of biological processes. The role of microbes in human health is another interesting area of study, and their involvement in medicine, physiology, immunology and the like. I am also keen to learn more about the ways that diseases manifest themselves at the various levels of cells, tissues and the whole patient. It is clear that it is an enormous subject, full of variety and the possibility of new discovery. It also offers a great range of possible subsequent career paths, such as hospital laboratory work in areas involving medical biology, clinical chemistry, haematology, histopathology and virology. There is a great need for trained biomedical scientists in the commercial world, too, in such areas as pharmaceuticals and scientific publishing. The subject offers great opportunities for intellectual curiosity and the possibility of real personal and professional satisfaction.

I have undertaken work experience at a pharmacy to gain some realistic knowledge of the application of Biomedical Sciences in the working world. I learnt much about the way a retail business is run, and about the importance of expiry date checks in dealing with medicines as well as the vital significance of careful organising of stocks. The responsibility of the pharmacist struck me forcibly.

Outside my interest in the sciences my main concern in life is to maintain my own fitness, aware as I am of the complex physiological mechanism which enables us to live and enjoy the world around us, and alert to the need to guard and protect it. I play football regularly and I attend a gym, which I believe has improved my self-esteem and raised my level of personal motivation in everything I do. Believing in yourself, I feel, is the way to establish your thoughts in a confident way, and physical fitness contributes to mental as well as physical health. I also enjoy travelling and exploring different cultures, and listening to music of all genres.

I am academically able and have a very solid grounding in chemistry, biology and physics and my numeracy skills are highly developed. I am hard-working and reliable, and I believe my colleagues find me trustworthy and dependable. I enjoy working as part of a team, but have the confidence in my own judgement to be able to operate quite happily on my own and to take responsibility for my own decisions. I am ambitious and meticulous about detail and clarity. My commitment to my chosen subject is total and I believe I have the necessary qualities and ability to become a very successful undergraduate.

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