Biology Personal Statement

Sample Biology Personal Statement

Human physiology has always amazed me with its processes, complexities and anomalies, but my decision to study Biomedical Sciences has been borne out of life-changing personal experience. Having lived with epilepsy, I am aware of the devastating physical changes and implications of neurological abnormalities, and yet my ability to lead my life despite my condition demonstrates the extraordinary power of medical knowledge to benefit the human race. There is still so much work to be done on diseases and therapies and it is my ambition to go on to a career in the healthcare sector and contribute to research into epilepsy, in order to help sufferers find relief from the pain I experienced growing up.

I am naturally curious and logical, and at school very much enjoyed studying Chemistry and Biology, which impart the skills required to approach investigations methodically and analytically and discover new information. I am currently studying the Sciences Pathway on an Access to Higher Education course, having left secondary school to work and support my young son while making decisions about my future path. Studying science at a higher level has underlined to me its multi-faceted role in the modern world and our everyday lives: from determining characteristics such as eye and hair colour, to the breakdown of fats within the body, and diagnosing potentially terminal disease, an understanding of scientific processes and elements illuminates every aspect of life. I am particularly interested in studying haematology and immunology as part of my degree, in order to deepen my knowledge of cell disorders and immune system responses, and how best to treat them through medical intervention: I recently enjoyed an article in the New Scientist about the ongoing development of genetic tests in Chile for early lung cancer detection which can boost survival rates by 90%: an unprecedented example of the possibilities medical science provides for understanding and ultimately beating our most devastating diseases. I have already begun to hone my investigative skills and comprehension of atoms, cells and molecules and the chance to undertake a laboratory placement in the course of my studies will provide unparalleled experience to specialise and research in an NHS environment and develop the competencies to gain NHS certification as soon as possible.

I have been working since the age of 16 alongside my studies, and in varied roles from sales to warehouse shelving I have prided myself on my focus and flexibility. My tenacity has motivated me, but my greatest inspiration to further my education and achieve my goals has been my son. Becoming a father has taught me to strive to fulfil my potential and become a responsible adult, and creating a better future for him would be the most rewarding outcome of a career which will also allow me to serve my community and improve the lives of others. I am passionate about helping others and I feel one of my greatest personal assets is my ability to speak 5 languages, including English, Pashto, Urdu and Arabic: mastering foreign languages has been a source of great pride for me, and will allow me in future to communicate with a broad spectrum of society, which is a key strength in a medical career path.

Outside of the classroom, I love sport – particularly football, cricket and tennis. I recently won the Player of the Year award at my local cricket club, alongside a league trophy win with my team, and enjoy the opportunity to work with others as both a team player and leader.

Studying for a Biology degree will not only provide me with the opportunity to work in one of the most exciting and important fields in the world, but challenge me to improve my mind vastly. I am determined to accomplish my ambitions and I feel I possess the dedication and organisational skills to manage the demands of my course and become a better scientist, with the potential to make a real difference to others in future.

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