Biology Personal Statement

Sample Biology Personal Statement

Life sciences have long been my main academic interest, and particularly the intriguing sciences of disease and mortality. How diseases work, why they affect us as they do, and how we can devise methods to combat them, are fascinating and stimulating questions to which I should like to devote my working life. Particular areas of the subject interest me strongly, such as the nature of viruses, how they mutate and what measures we can take against them. What constitutes an effective treatment? What are the chemical or biological mechanics of that treatment? Why is one gender more susceptible to a condition than the other, or one ethnic group more prone to develop a specific life-threatening illness than any other? How is death caused? These are deep questions of pathology, biochemistry and biology, and there are endless possibilities for specialist research, and for making a real difference in the world. It appeals to me in terms of the intellectual satisfaction it can offer, and of the human significance such work might have.

In a degree course I would hope to study the causes and mechanisms of diseases, as well as the common organisms which cause infections. I know that this is a huge area of study, but I would hope to deal with cell injuries, inflammation and the process of repair, how the immune system works, and what goes wrong when it fails to work, disruptions of the circulatory system, and the whole issue of neoplasia – the growth of tumours. I am also interested in pharmacology, the chemistry of drugs through the study of molecules and their uses in maintaining human health. There is a constant and growing demand for drug therapies, particularly in an ageing population, and I could well imagine myself working in a pharmacy company, a government agency or a hospital using the specialised chemical or pharmaceutical knowledge I would gain from a degree course.

My academic record is strong, and I hope that my intellectual curiosity is good evidence that I would make a successful undergraduate. My mother tongue is Ukrainian, but I have also proficient Russian and English. I have considerable work experience, including the role of lifeguard during the summer in the Ukraine, where I encountered extreme situations as a result of weather conditions, which resulted in many people needing first aid, so that my basic medical skills were useful. I held positions of responsibility at school, representing my class, developing my skills of organization, time management and responsibility. I worked as an assistant to the principal, dealing with administrative matters such as student records, which called for a degree of maturity and an understanding of the importance of confidentiality. I have also worked as a waitress in a coffee shop, developing my communication skills, learning how to handle money, solving problems, working in a team, and, most importantly, managing time efficiently. I have worked with children as a carer, preparing and serving food to children, assisting with daily activities, maintaining order and cleanliness, ensuring their safety and helping their development. I always worked to establish a safe environment for them, preparing activities, playing games, avoiding conflict and nurturing self-esteem. I plan to undertake a placement very soon at Homerton Hospital in the maternity department, where I hope I shall be able to see some of my biochemical and physiological knowledge in practice.

I believe that I am a very adaptable individual with a well-developed sense of individual responsibility, and much enthusiasm for everything I undertake to do. I work well with others, and earn their respect and affection, though I am equally happy working on my own. I am determined and ambitious, and am keen to take on the intellectual challenges of university and of the complex courses I plan to follow. I appreciate the difficulties and challenges of a scientific career, but I have no doubt at all of where my true passions lie. I hope you will consider my application.

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